Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Each and every day of the year

 With Some Grace suggested a highlights clip of the past 12 months and so before taking 2 weeks off (I'll have trouble prizing the kids away from the computer, and I want to have some sleep ins!) Here's my 2012 year in review...(with apology to Neil Sedaka)

(January) you start the year off fine

We had gone on a group weekend away to Pittwater YHA and the teens in the gang went to bed last, neglecting to shut the lounge room door. I was the first adult awake, heading off to keep our three year old from waking the other 30 sleepers, when 2 children ran to me in a panic. 'There's a snake in the lounge! A big one".
I could see a thick cord draped from the chair to the window and so I responded "Don't be silly, it's just a power cord for the music or someone's jumper....No, you're right. That is a massive snake! Let's just shut the door until someone who knows what to do gets up". The MASSIVE 2 metre python at this point had turned it's head to look at me. It proceeded to curl up on the chair and stayed put. Eventually, one of the dad's bagged him and released him back to the wild....

(February)you're my little valentine

A non descript month despite birthdays and Valentine's day - My eldest started walking home from school by himself (One small step for the little man, one giant leap for his parents)

(March)I'm gonna march you down the aisle

Not a highlight but I was well and truly into visiting High Schools (5), my eldest sat the selective test and my head was a spin with forms for Pre-schools and High Schools alike. Coincidentally it is our wedding anniversary this month!

(April) You're the Easter Bunny when you smile

For the first time in 4 years, we went overseas - we had a wonderful time in the Maldives (The Honeymoon is over, otherwise known as travel with kids) but I'll be honest, I fell in love with Singapore. I can't explain it, and I'm not a shopper but we had 8 days there and barely scratched the surface - we had fun, saw art, ate well and ran out of time for so many other interesting things...It's a great city with an interesting history and for some reason so under-rated. Most people don't give it time or try to explore it. Even my husband didn't really see it through my eyes, though the kids did, and it's still a much talked about destination...

(May) Maybe if I ask your dad and mom

Ok, I know, the song lyrics don't really work anymore, but I'll keep going and give myself an earworm...The wee girl started pre-school for 2 days a week...strange to have 2 free days.

(June)They'll let me take to you to the Junior prom

I started blogging...

(July) like a firecracker all aglow

Busy school holidays, lots of fun but the highlight was an overnight trip up the coast with friends to go sandboarding - I loved the drive through the dunes and was amazed at how beautiful it was. I loved the simplistic fun of sliding down the massive dunes (pics here). And it was all Olympic fever in this house...

(August) When you're on the beach you steal the show

I started writing for a website as a hobby that pays me money! And the Torshlusspanik list commenced.

(September)Light the candles at your sweet sixteen 

These lyrics really aren't working out...I went away with my girlfriend of 40 years for our delayed 40th celebration - It had taken me over 3 years to save up but it was finally here! Had a great time but also learnt that I like travelling with my family best. I missed them so much and kept wanting them to see things that I was seeing. (Lovely Langkawi).

(October) Romeo and Juliet on Halloween

Halloween! My favourite day of the year (Twas the fright before christmas)....Went shooting this month for the first time (as part of the list) - but it won't be the last!

(November)I'll give thanks that you belong to me

Started First of the Month Fiction (Remember people, I'll be back for that on the 1st Jan, so head over and post a short, short story)

(December)You're the present 'neath my Christmas tree
It's been busy and amazing, and all three kids have grown and had successes of their own, and that's all that I can ask. Next year has more changes to be made, more schools to be looked at but we'll see how we go and hopefully have fun along the way.

yeah, yeah, my hearts in a swirl,
I love, I love, I love my little calendar girl life
each and every day of the year!

Merry Christmas to you all. Have a wonderful holiday and swing by on the 1st for the first of the month fiction!

Linking up for the last time this year with Grace from With Some Grace.


  1. truly lovely, so many things to catch up on in this post!
    I will have to put the First of the Month Fiction on my list for next year (i keep saying i want ti link up!)
    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful; break over summer

  2. Sounds like you did a bit of everything this year, almost!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New year :)

    1. Same to you! Have a great break. Heee's to

    2. Argh. Maybe it's the iPhone end of's to an exciting and fun 2013

  3. Wow, what a huge year. Have a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to following your blogging journey in 2013. Rachel xx

    1. And same to you. As i've said before, you're Xmas suggestions saved my skin! Many thanks

  4. Congrats on starting your blog-i look forward to reading more in the new year. enjoy your break. Merry Christmas

  5. Maldives, Singapore and Langkawi all in one year?! Lucky, lucky you!!!
    Have an awesome break, Lydia. See you all bright and smiley in 2013 xxx

  6. You've been a jet setter this year!

    I had totally forgotten about the Olympics! Oops!

  7. So many new bloggers this year, it's fantastic!
    Merry Christmas, and looking forward to 2013.

  8. I dream of travelling with my brood but I don't quite have the courage just yet...well done to you for making that happen! I hope you've had a great Xmas and I look forward to reading more in the New Year. I may also have to check out First of the Month Fiction - I am not a fiction writer by any means but maybe it's time for me to give it more than just a cursory try...

  9. Please do have a go - it's only a line or a paragraph so unlikely there'll be any literary critique along the for travelling with kids, if they are in a cot you can squash into the same room and save a bomb!! With my third I was all "we have to go before here birthday while she's still free" (thankfully as we didn't go after that for many years!)

  10. Ahhh! A snake in your lounge room! And then what happened? I'd love to visit Singapore... Best wishes for the New Year!