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Monday, 12 March 2018

When did that happen?

I am the first to admit I'm no longer a spring chicken. I don't delude myself that I'm a 'cool mum' (they don't exist, and people that think they do are trying WAY too hard). I'm okay with that. I like what I like and I know how to have fun. I also know that I'm generally invisible where I go...

I’m seeing Big Boi this week, and last 2 times I've seen him, I’ve been the oldest person there by at least 20 years. (No, that’s not what makes me feel old...wait for it). I decide I should listen to Boomiverse, presuming the new album is going to be the focus and I still hadn't made time to check it out since it dropped. It’s nothing spectacular but it’s solid however there’s a cute but weird Randy Newmanesque song on it, which I later discover appears to be an i-Apple ad jingle (that weirds me out a little but I think ‘oh well, good for him, he has a kid in college now.’ That in itself shows what an old lady I am...) However, it's sort of an odd song, so I decide to see how the critics reviewed the album, something I rarely bother with. If I like a song, I don't really care what the experts say. The gist is he’s done enough to root it in the present but stylistically it’s 'new old school' or ‘dad rap that can hold its head high’. Dad rap? I recoiled in horror, as the realisation sank in.

If he’s making dad rap, what does that make me???? 
Depressed, that’s what. 
When did that happen? Woe is me! I've shot past middle age and straight into old age, without even noticing. 

Always the optimist, I am now be curious to see if the rest of the audience has caught up to me in ancientness, and I’m no longer the oldest person there? Maybe I'll fit right in!

Anyway, long way to ask, when did you realise you were old? Or older than you thought?

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  1. I used to be a primary school teacher and used to think I was old when I realised I was old enough to be the mother of most of the kids in my class. But I realised I was REALLY old once I started teaching adults and that I was old enough to be their mother! These days I tend to go to gigs of "enduring' artists and hope that the audience will be at least as old as me! Hope you have a great time at the gig - I must be really old because I hadn't even heard of Big Boi!

  2. Being generally invisible has it's advantages! lol! I know I'm a that age too!


  3. I quite enjoy being an older person in the crowd- young people make for great people-watching!

  4. Age is just a number...and my number keeps getting bigger and bigger! #blessed

  5. I love being older...when I can use it to be invisible and observe others. As for being old...well aspects of it suck but I am very grateful to have had the long life I have to date! Denyse #teamIBOT

  6. I don't even know who or what you're talking about. I've loved the Carpenters since I was a teen in the 80s. How's that for being a nanna before my time? That should make you feel better. You're welcome.

  7. Never heard about Big Boi before... but when I see the bands from my youth days in Eastern Germany (some make music today again), how old they look... and all my pain shows me, that I'm older, as I always think. Well, c'est la vie!
    Thanks for your visits

  8. Lydia,

    I agree the so-called "cool parents" is an urban myth and anyone thinking they are is lying to his/herself. Just ask anyone under the age of 20. lol

  9. Yep. I'm now 40 and offically old AF (however, I try to make myself still feel like I'm young by using terms like 'AF'). Ace post #fortheloveofBLOG

  10. I know this feeling somewhat. Especially when I am doing exercises in class that focus on time passing. When students think 50 pence for a bar was terribky cheap!! #fortheloveBLOG

  11. I know this feeling. When you meet the new grads at work and you realise you're old enough to be their mum! Ah well

  12. I'd much rather be in the older crowd in the room. It makes me feel wise and calm. Being young is exhausting!