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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

What would be in your box?

The Moon at the PACT theatre
We've been watching the latest installment of 7 Up - 63 Up. I found myself wanting them to be happy. I wanted them to be content. Strangely, it really mattered to me.We discussed if the forced introspection and putting your life on show every seven years made you more at peace with your lot, as many of them seemed happier at 63 than they had previously.

Then last night I saw a great little play, I hope it's not raining in London (in Sydney until the 29th and then on tour). It made me think about what would be my defining moments? What objects would represent me?

I don't have the answers yet but it's interesting to think about.

So this week I'm grateful for ideas and introspection.

What are you loving this week?

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PS The play review is here. No spoilers.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Light and Nature - Share my snaps!

This week got thrown into disarray and I'm gearing up for EOFY and introduction of STP (ironically named given the process!) and then the school holidays.

So this may be my last post until the 23rd July. Not entirely sure yet (nothing like a mature adult with a plan, right?!)

Anyway, there should be some good Insta photos over the coming weeks, so if you aren't following, click here.

Have a great week everyone - and notice the beauty in the world around you!

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Small mercies

Sometimes all you can do is focus on the little things that lift you up.
1. About to start my last Jon Ronson book (please write some more ASAP!)
2. Good news from friends - new houses, engagements and other reasons to smile!
3. Seeing the younger men that don't see feminism as an attack on men, but rather as a struggle against an unfair system, one that they are happy to join in and fight to change.
4. Pretty much anything Finnish is making me smile. Simply winning at life.
5. Good fun with good friends.

What's been bringing you out of a funk?

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Party ettiquette - the need to RSVP

Why don't people RSVP?

We are having a party -it's just for fun so I don't care if people come or not, but I do need to know.
I had to chase 88 people for their RSVPs. A number of them can't come becasue they have other things on, or it's their child's birthday, and yet they didn't bother to RSVP when they realised they had a clash? Why would you not RSVP if you know you can't come?

I understand some people need to sort out sitters or other people's logistics, and some people might be waiting for a better offer (which is also fine, but don't make me chase you for your decision). If you know you're a NO, just send that text.

With the 30 outstanding I've just emailed and said I'm presuming they aren't coming, which is rude but I'm not catering for 30 people that may or may not turn up (and I figure they were rude first by not bothering to RSVP).

I get people can get caught up, but surely once you get the reminder you reply? And it's almost always the same people that can't be bothered replying.

My husband said for the next one, I needed to write on the invite "If you don't RSVP, you're never being invited again". Nothing makes people feel more welcome than a passive agressive invite, n'est-ce pas? Ha!

Do these people never have parties? These things cost money, no matter how 'budget' you do it, and I'm loathe to waste food for the ecological reasons as much as the cost.

I  don't even mind a few 'can I let you know on the day' due to difficult arrangements (I currently have 6 people in that boat, but I figure with the no shows and last minute cancels there'll be enough food to cover them).

If you are invited to something, please RSVP so your host knows if you are coming. They really don't care if you come or not, but they really hate having to waste their time chasing your decision.

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Can anyone explain why people do this?

As an aside, of that last 30, some are now I'm just meant to guess how many people will turn up.

And it's lights out for another year! VIVID ends.

Sadly it's all over for another year.

Here's a recap of the camera photos .

This year I explored VIVID from High and Low, and from Inside and Out.

These were projected on the ground in a laneway in the Rocks.

During VIVID it's always important to look up and down, and also back into the city, not just out to the bridge and Opera House.

Plus a few less than impressive shots of the fabulously pretty Rufus Du Sol show at Carriageworks.

There are so many ways to enjoy VIVID, not just in the streets by the harbour.

If you didn't make it this year, start planning your trip for next year.

VIVID brings Sydney alive!


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Just house keeping, I'll be offline a bit this week, not in a post VIVID funk, just early morning meetings.

And some cheery music to get you dancing....

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Inside and Out

I have been to a few shows at the Opera House since VIVID started and I only just noticed they were lighting up the inside as well.

What we take for granted, we don't really see. The same with people.

Make sure you notice the little things the people around you do, say and are going through.

Always remember that what's being shown on the outside might be completely different to what is happening inside.

As I head to my last VIVID soiree tonight, I'm lamenting that it's all coming to an end for another year. I can't be too sad, I've been to a number concerts, talks and of course, seen all the wonderful lights!

Herbie Hancock

This week, I'm loving VIVID!!
VIVID - making the ordinary extraordinary!

What are you loving this week?

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