Sunday 31 January 2016


I'm a little stressed at the moment, stretched thin and overwhelmed with too many issues that exhaustingly encroach on every aspect of my daily life. As a sanity saver, I've decided I need to dust off my dancing shoes. I've gathered a gaggle of girlfriends and lined up a few nights out dancing to live music (My husband on the other hand, is being dragged to comedians, as he's not big on the dancing part).

I've also booked to see Little Shop of Horrors, which is touring the country, and has lifted my mood ever since I heard the preview song.

I loved this movie so much when it first came out, that I quickly knew all the lyrics by heart, so I'm very excited by the revival. It's fun, with great music - pretty much ticking all the boxes I need ticked.

If you can't change your situation, or fix your problems with the speed that you want to, then build in some distraction to keep your head above water.

Walk in, dance out!

PS Not a sponsored post, just very excited!

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Friday 29 January 2016

Guess where? #Haunted2016

I arrived early and took these - anyone in Sydney know where I was?

Monday 25 January 2016

#Haunted 2016

Just a few random shots to start this year's collection - looking at mundane things and making them look haunted. I'm still not tired of this idea...

 Not a brilliant start to the collection but I need to start somewhere...

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First of the Month Fiction - Feb

Happy New Year to everyone, Happy Australia Day and Happy Lunar New Year Celebrations...that about covers it.
Add your 100 word story exactly in the comments (or one less than 30 words) and then link your blog so we can see your unfettered glory (if applicable).

She stared at the screen for a long time, lost in thought. There would be no turning back. Tentatively she pressed send. It was over.

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Monday 18 January 2016

Little Prince goes golfing...

Just a little fun...

Anyone looking for some school holiday fun - Golf Paradise has a good chinese restaurant, and if you have lunch there, you get a free round of Putt Putt, so it's a great way to spend the afternoon. (or just go for putt putt).
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Monday 11 January 2016

Little Prince at Barangaroo

We had a blast building the Opera house with boxes at Barangaroo, and while the Little Prince was too small to join in the fun, he did enjoy the view. If you haven't been, make a trip to enjoy the stunning Sydney scenery while the Festival of Sydney activites are on. It's an excellent day out, with lots of hours of free fun.

Friday 1 January 2016

Welcome 2016

We had a nice celebration watching the fireworks, picnic by the water and all that jazz - my new camera fell out of the bag in the back of the uber, but made it's way home last night, so the tale of lost and found is rather short lived. But a big thanks to our wonderful driver Dave, who made collection very easy!!

A new year, we all start with hopes and dreams and plans. Some of us (me) lack the motivation to really set the wheels in motion. But I'm working on it. Maybe that should be my motto - working on it!

I'm taking the summer off to write - I have already submitted one story (not brilliant but done). I still need to work on the kids book, as per Torschlusspanik list. And yesterday - yes, New Years Day, I finished and submitted my BAS!! Pat on the back (or just outed as a complete loser). So I know have 6 days up the coast without a care in the world.

As we set off on another 940 million km journey round the sun with 7 billion mates*, what plans are making for a fabulous 2016?

*Wording stolen from a sign in Newtown (fire station - informative and live savers!)

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