Friday 29 September 2023

Share Four Somethings - September

It's busy month with so much on it's hard to pick what to feature in what feels like a month long party (or for me, hard to remember beyond last week) But let's begin!

Something I'm loving: We had song club for the first time in a long time, which is always fun. While singing in front of people is always a bit of a trauma for me, I did Mika's Happy Ending with a sort of Pub Choir vibe and it actually worked (for the most part) so when we were singing the 2 different parts with each other, it sounded quite good. (Though probably not to the poor people outside the venue).

Obviously I loved being back at the F1 for the first time since COVID and I always love Singapore so it was just the best few days. I walked around smiling like a loon as I was so happy. 

I had Furnace and the Fundamentals with friends and that's a guaranteed good time - if they are ever touring near you, definitely go! Greatest party cover band ever. 

Guess which song? 

Alan Walker was playing in Singapore when I was there but sold out. I tried desperately for weeks to get a ticket but alas failed. However, I have been playing a lot of his music so among many others, I'm loving this song.

Something I'm learning: Even in the 1800's doctors were performing the most astounding operations. The brains of those thinking out of the box with known medicine, for it to become 'knowledge' is amazing. In The man in the red coat by Julian Barnes, there are many surgeries listed that will blow your mind. In 1883 Dr Pozzi (France) did 81 curettes for endometriosis (no deaths). I did not know they knew about endometriosis back then. (He also recommended warming the speculum (in antiseptic) for the woman’s comfort and for her modesty, not making eye contact during manual exams…(this was when drs didn’t wash their hands because 'a gentleman’s hands are always clean')…Pozzi was an advocate for hand washing - apparently this was a French/English medical divide.

Something I'm reading Longtime readers will know I love The Little Prince - and in fact a tiny version of him has been a photo subject and travel companion with me for years. I stumbled across this article and was so glad my curiosity made me read it to see where they were talking about. I knew NONE of this.. I especially love the bit about the fox and how it impacted the illustrations. 

I also was playing around on Insta and saw this (image). The photo of David McCallum perplexed me. I had no idea he was a musician (with multiple albums). I googled his music to discover he has over 122k monthly listeners on Spotify. The wiki page had a date that stopped me in my tracks. His death was the 26th September 2023. I was momentarily confused and then sadly clicked news to see the flood of obits. I'd missed this in the news. As a kid, I adored Illya in Man from Uncle. I used to watch it on sick days (as it was on in day time by then) or try to video it once that luxury was invented. I would say, along with  Paul Drake (from Perry Mason), he was my first tv crush.

I too loved The Invisible Man and remember clearly the episode with the blind man (who is unperturbed by his invisibility...).I was very happy for him when he got another round of popularity (and regular work) with NCIS. I feel for actors, how hard ageing must be for them workwise. 

 I guess this will just happen more and more - all those people from your youth will slowly disappear. It's sad for the person and unsettling for the fabric of our being, as a thread comes loose.

Something I'm eating: I ate very well in Singapore - some other dishes I indulged in are here. I was on a waitlist for Burnt Ends but decided I had to give up on that so went to the Tippling Club instead. It was not a disappointment. In shophouse on Tanjong Pagar Road, the insides are funky and fun so I knew I was in for a treat. I spied my gin only to be informed that they created their own in lockdown and Prohibition Gin now makes it to their formula specifically and exclusively for them.

The food was amazingly fresh and with strong flavours (the tomatoes with that burst of flavour of years gone by are worth a mention). I declined the Fois Gras and was happy to skip a course but they insisted on making an alternative which was lovely as I'd given no forewarning on this).

As I was dining solo, I was placed at the bar so I could be entertained by the activity in the kitchen but the chef and staff would also chat with me from time to tome, so it was really enjoyable - don't be put off the 11 course menu if on your own.

The lunch set menu was only $100++ and exceptional value. It was a sensational way to finish the weekend. Each dish had a strong fusion of flavours to experience and revel in as they unfolded on the palate.

This was sort of a drink made with the Japanese  melon that was put back into the melon, almost like a jelly but different. It's hard to explain but it was delightfully refreshing.

Midway through the meal I started frantically texting friends on their way to Singapore to see if they could get a table during their trip. 

I am really keen to get my husband there, should we return together.

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Wednesday 27 September 2023

Spring Flowers

Every year (well, traditionally every year - there have been some bumps in the road of late) David Jones puts on it's beautiful Spring Flower show. For those of you overseas, it's our Department store in the city and they fill it's windows and floors with displays of exotic flowers. There is usually themes - last year's was oceans and quite spectacular.

I always race out to see it (and this year dragged my mum along and made a 'day' of it with lunch). For me,  however, the David Jones Spring Flower Show is the start of Spring (and Summer) and the party season. From this point we roll into Halloween and Christmas.

There are weekends away, end of school and holidays.

There are 'let's make the most of the sunshine' outings and the outdoor festivals begin.

So the Spring Flower Show is like my alarm clock. It is the wake up call to 'get ready for the good times to come'. 

We are creatures of habit with many external routines and this one heralds the start of three months of fun.

Years of attending it and I only just realised it. It's an activity that provokes a shift in me, an event that marks time loudly in my calendar. 

So here's to the colourful burst of happiness and enjoyment ahead.

Do you ever realise you have traditions that take on more meaning than the actual event?

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I love they included the carnivorous plants (see right)


Tuesday 26 September 2023

Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. Linus Pauling

I was at the dentist and this bird came slamming into the window and began pecking on the glass. I squealed and jumped in surprise but the rest of the staff just laughed at my reaction and explained he just wanted to see what we were doing.

Apparently the bird was very curious about their business and patients. It happened quite frequently.

So even animals have a natural sense of curiosity.

I wrote about Curiosity here recently, so I won't repeat myself but recently I had this exchange on twitter and it links into the title quote. So for many of us, curiosity is very beneficial to well being.

There are two other very positive by products of curiosity. One it gives you understanding, and so my empathy or tolerance of difference. 

Replace judgment with curiosity. Lynn Nottage

I was surprised at recognising myself at this one by de Botton. I am the person who hates to draw attention to myself but I always have to ask the questions once that itch of curiosity begins to scratch at my brain. Basically my curiosity is stronger than my introverted shyness.

I think of myself as quite a shy person. But when I'm curious about something, I'll go quite far to satisfy my curiosity. Alain de Botton

So while they say 'Curiosity killed the cat', it's also true that 'Satisfaction brought it back'


Friday 22 September 2023

Singapore, baby!

After a 4 year hiatus, I was back trackside for the Singapore F1 night race. I can not recommend this race for solo women travellers - it's easy, friendly and safe.


You have the day to explore and be a tourist and the nights with the car festivities and a mini music festival.

There are even free driver meet & greets around the city in the lead up to the race days. (Alas I arrived a day late but got the Zone 1 event on the Saturday) 

There are simulators and f1 games all over the city, as well as all the art galleries and museums.

Singapore has a glut of great restaurants - Michelin starred down to hawker centres. So choose wisely and don't waste a meal.

Me, I did a bit of this,

and a bit of that!

A lot of this, 

and even some of that. 

I always say, if you don't have a good time in Singapore, that's on you - you just didn't do it properly.

There's plenty of free things to do and you can eat well on the cheap.

Or you can lash out and luxe it up.

Still smiling at all the pics while planning my return next year.

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Can not wait!

Good times have been on my calendar. What's been on your calendar?

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