Monday 30 July 2018

When FOMO turns bad...

My partner is going to the Tokyo Marathon, which means we have to take the kids out of school, so the holiday has a time restriction on it.

Friends have loved Hiroshima, and the guide book makes it sound enchanting, so I was trying to squeeze that in as well as Kyoto and Hakone. However everything comes at cost, both in time and money. I just don't seem to be able to make it work with enough time in each place. I feel pressured that I'm missing out.

I have decided this morning to ditch it but I feel a loss (of what I may never get to see) and that I'm 'missing out'.  This is ridiculous, as I know it's better to do less well than to feel I've missed out on 3 destinations instead of being content with two.

I have spent literally about 10 hours playing around with flights and trains to make it work, but it's actually just the time that is the problem. In the time I've spent and still not actually booked anything, I could have booked the whole trip, including the hotels.

My FOMO usually works in a very positive way, and I feel I've sucked the marrow out of life, but this time it's made me feel anxious and bad about something that, let's face it; is a major luxury. My husband says 'We'll go back!' but my brain says "What if we don't? What if this is it?" and that's the bit I need to learn to ignore. Sometimes what we get has to be enough, because it's more than what we had before.

Any Japan tips welcome.

Do you have FOMO? Is it the good kind or does it mess you around negatively? Are you good at realistic expectations and reigning yourself in?

Thursday 26 July 2018

If I could...

If I could...I have started this post a few times. I keep deleting what I write because it's just an excuse. I can. I just have to put more energy into it. I have to dedicate more time and resources. I have to think about what needs to be done. And then do it.

I want to get the Landmine Museum and Relief centre the truck they need to transport the kids, and I can, I just need to dedicate some time to the fund raising.
I want to help kids struggling with anxiety and depression - I see them everywhere - in the playground, neighbourhood kids, anecdotally in the newspaper. And I can, I just need to work out the cause of this avalanche of misery that we've created in the younger generation.
If I could, I'd write more. I can, but I need to be better at time management. Maybe use a dictaphone in the car or something?
If I could, I'd travel more. I need to stop wasting money, I need to make the most of the holidays.

If I could is an excuse. I think that's why I found it so hard to write a post on it. I knew I was kidding myself.

I can. I just need to....

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Wednesday 25 July 2018

“We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.” ― Zen Saying

I have hit the ground running since school went back, and of course managed to get sick and stressed. These were taken when I had a little more time to enjoy the stillness.

Working on finding the balance again. However, reminding myself it's all temporary.

 In time and with water, everything changes. ― Leonardo da Vinci

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Monday 23 July 2018

Perfect gift for women, girls and parents.

I've just discovered the existence of the 4th estate publishing and so quite by accident discovered the very wonderful Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. As I move through her works, I discovered this very little book, a letter to a friend on raising a daughter.

At $8.32, it's roughly the price of a card, and thus a perfect greeting for any woman about to have a baby, or any young girl, or a parent, male or female, raising a girl. In order to make the world better, and fairer, we must all evolve. So perhaps instead of a card, send this with an inscription inside the cover.

The quote I leave you with, is not on specific gender child rearing, but all children, and anyone with teens will recognise the truth in these words:

"You might do all the things I suggest, and she will still turn out to be different from what you hoped, because sometimes life just does its thing. What matters is you try. And always trust your instincts above all else, because you will be guided by your love for your child"

Those of us deep into raising a young adult, know that all you can do is try, and keep trying.

I'm currently working my way through her fiction - it's hard not to be charmed by the authors voice and reason.

Have you read anything delightful lately?

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Friday 20 July 2018

Share my Snaps! Tourist edition

Hunter Valley

I've been offline for awhile now - having relaxed, watched soccer, and squeezed in the school holidays.
With the kids we did a bit of this (Hunter Snowtime)

and a bit of that (Airlie beach).
Hideaway Bay

Plenty of beaches, boats and snorkeling.

White Haven Beach

Under duress we took in a bit of art (at Carriageworks),

renewed our membership at the Powerhouse (please don't move it!)

and even a High tea at the QVB.

See more on Instagram! Gotta Love this Country! What have you been up to?
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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Old and New

The Old of Carriageworks contrasts with the new technology in Art (Ryoji Ikeda Micro/Macro showing until 29 July, free)

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We popped into Micro/Macro yesterday on the way home from lunch. Ryoji Ikeda's installation at Carriageworks that closes next week on the 29th. Warning for anyone with sound sensitive kids, it's probably not for them.

I really enjoyed the overwhelming sensation, as you sit on the micro while watching the macro, so to speak.

It got me thinking, we always tend to look at things one way or another - we're either focused on the big picture, or caught up in the minutiae of life. When really, both are happening simultaneously.

So I guess the lesson is, when the big picture is bringing you down, focus on the little things and conversely, when overwhelmed by day to day life, try to shift your focus to the horizon, and remember, this too shall pass.

Love that I have easy free art on my doorstep!