Sunday 28 January 2018

Share my Snaps!

While I'm meant to be back, there will be no First of the Month Fiction this month due to another story I need to write and a total lack of direction and interest in getting back into routine. However I couldn't resist #Lifethisweek's theme of Share my Snaps!. 

Having just got back from magnificent Finland, I thought I'd share couple of teaser pics! Let me tell you, in Finland it's very hard not to love life!

 Finland is glorious outdoor adventures with endless sunrises and sunsets - as we went further north, it literally morphed from sunrise to sunset around midday, with no 'daytime' in between the two.


Linking with #WednesdayAroundtheWorld (this is an old post but the world seems so very far away at the moment, and we were talking about this trip last night)

Linking this one with #WeekendReflection - the lights in the restaurant are reflected on the glass