Thursday 29 June 2023

Taking a break

 I am taking a break to get the corporate tax stuff done and then focus on the school holidays.  I will be offline for most of it but no doubt will pop up here and there....because I miss you all.

If you miss me, I'll be on Insta here, hopefully doing some fun things....

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Remember double demerits. Drive safely and have a good break if you are off somewhere.

See you on the flipside.

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Some resources for supporting someone with an illness

I have had a number of friends diagnosed with cancer lately, so I revisited this book and podcast so I could be a better support person (and not be well meaning but annoying, which I suspect is my natural inclination).

There is a chapter in Augusten Burrough's book This is How on How to be sick. It covers the experience of diagnosis and then most importantly, discusses how you shouldn't run away with all the what if's. How to stick in the moment with only the symptoms you have at the time, not what is coming. It's focus is getting the most out of living in the moment with disease. 

With my Dad there were so many medical decisions to make (he had a million diseases going on the trot and all the doctors had conflicting advise about whose operation should go first*). This book helped me say to Mum that whatever decision she mad, she couldn't look back in hindsight with regret and doubt her judgement. She was making the decision with all the information she had at the time. 

The other is in the Grief Podcast. This episode is on grieving the life you had before diagnosis, and dealing with the reminder of the cancer if it resulted in physical changes you see in the mirror everyday as a reminder. Plus annoying things well meaning people say. So good for the support people to listen to. I need to say she is recovered so it won't be upsetting for the people if they are at the start of the diagnosis.

Not a cheery post but hopefully if you are wanting to give useful support to people, it gives you a few starting places to educate yourself a little.

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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Birds on my Morning Walk


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A morning walk by the harbour will always bring you across the path of many birds. Not necessarily exotic but sweet all the same.

I was trying to catch the birds reflections in the water in the above shot....
As always, plenty of pigeons....

Also a pelican in flight.....

And on the water.

It really was a delight. Sometimes you don't need wings for your mood to soar.

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 Turned the corner and the mural was reflected in the car window like a passenger....

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Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius

 Or in this case, I'm going where the hearts are....

and I'm seeing them everywhere.

It's funny how the smallest things can make you smile.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
― Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, The Little Prince

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"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." — Victor Hugo

My usual walking companion is away so I was free to walk with other frineds that walk in a group - in a new location, so very much a win. 

The early morning start gave me colours and a different sun rise.

My friends, not used to my endless snapping as I walked, laughed at me as I explained it was not just birds, but nature and graffiti.

One commented that it must really give me a new view of things. And she's right. The familliar seems fresh again, as i notice each new change worthy of a photo.

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The nicest part of the day, however, was not the golden rays reflecting over the water but the laughter and conversation as we caught up and then covered the political issues of the country. It was both physically and intellectually stimulating.

Winter may be very chilly but there's plenty of warmth that's good for the soul.

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Friday 23 June 2023

Share Four Somethings - June

Something I'm Loving
: I'm a late adopter to the socks and slides. I always thought they looked ridiculous....until I did it. Now I know why people like to wear them together. I have of course, much to everyone's disgust, upped the ante. I got these socks in Tokyo, and wear them with these totally weird physio thongs that are meant to helpyou walk youngest looked at me and said "You need to stop that!" in horror.  I know how it looks but I don't care. So comfy. I'm sure I'm just a fashion decision away before I descend into the so far avoided at all cost Crocs....(Reasons I'm not a fashion blogger #112) 

Something I'm learning:
I've been working my way through this podcast, Formula for Success - Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard sort of reminiscing about their time in F1 and discussing the current season.  I came to the episode on Bertrand Gachot and I found his attitude to life quite inspiring. I was also very interested in his thoughts on jails and the people that end up in jail and how when they get out they've lost everything - friends, their homes, their jobs and how it's very hard to restart life after that. Even if you aren't a fan of F1, it's an interesting listen for other reasons.

Something I'm Reading: I've just started The Color Purple. I read it at Uni decades ago and really liked it but can't really remember it, so thoiught I'd give it another go. So far, I am enjoying it - though I'm not entirely sure that's the right word. It's pretty full on from the start. I'd say harrowing but the singsong voice of the narrator softens the violence (while making it worse...)

Something I'm Eating: This bread with the smokey, salt seeds is amazing, especially when fresh out of the oven. I eathalf of it in the car on the way home from the bakery! I also had this hot pot thing that wasn't amazing but I did like the way they cooked it at the table...

Lastly, leaving you with a song from Gachot's daughter Grace. I prefer the other one but it is not so family friendly on the lyrics. but if that doesn't bother you, check it out. It's a great song....however, this one has pretty pictures of Greece so that's cheery.