Monday 29 October 2018

Fabulous Finland

I love Finland - it's an extraordinary country both in nature, custom and it's people. I had this reinforced when I saw this post by the embassy, the request for nominations for the International Gender Equality Prize

So if you know any organisation that deserves to be nominated, please make the effort to do so. Imagine the help they could provide with an extra $300k!


We went to A Midnight Visit and in one room, there was a web with papers attached and a writing desk. The papers asked 'what is your secret?' and they asked you to lighten your load by unburdening yourself and letting go of your secret.
The first I read made me chuckle "My girlfriend is the fun police". I'm presuming the girlfriend was there, not into the show and wanting to leave.
There was also "I'm good at keeping secrets".
Then as I got more intrigued by the secrets, they became sadder.
The devastating lonely cry "I wish I could feel normal"
and the heartbreaking "I've never been in love".

It's a funny feeling reading other people's personal thoughts, and it was for me the most fascinating part of the show - my reluctance to leave that room and stop reading them was strong. I'm not sure what I was wanting to discover, or make of the information I read there.

We were not allowed to take photos but I loved the visual of this room, and I see my thoughts in a web around a writing desk, where I'm punching them all out then casting them aside, but they're stuck in the web around me....(The only Insta photo I could find...)

I guess the lesson is that there is someone out there thinking just like us (probably billions of people) and even if they aren't, there are probably crowds of people happy to listen and comfort you, if only you're willing to maybe it's time to unburden yourself of secrets and discover the lightness once free.

Forgive the rambling, I'm still trying to process why I liked this room so much (the emotive reaction, obviously). Note also there's discount tix for this week (incl Halloween) on SmartTix

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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Loving Life, Loving the Theatre

This week I've been lucky enough to catch both the Tap Pack and Comedy of Errors at the Pop Up Globe and tonight I'm sneaking off to the Poe.

So I'm very grateful to have all these cultural offerings on my doorstep!

The Tap Pack is great fun for anyone who likes song and dance, and a sheer delight. I sat grinning for most of the show and I left the theatre elated, I suspect the physiological side effect after all that clapping in time to Beyonce....It's on until the 4th November. Tickets here.

Comedy of Errors is great fun and and the venue, as before, doesn't fail to please. They use the audience, as Shakespeare intended and it's great to experience the show in this way, and in this style of venue. Even if you aren't big on Shakespeare, you want to check out something in the pop up Globe before it leaves on Dec 16. I preferred Macbeth but if you aren't a Shakespeare fan, go with a comedy. There's four shows in rep to chose from, tix here.

Tonight I'm off to A midnight visit. Very excited about this. Stay tuned for no doubt next week's update!

What are you loving this week? Do you go to the theatre?
Note, none of this is sponsored, I just really enjoyed myself!

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Monday 22 October 2018

The arrogance of age must submit to be taught by youth. Edmund Burke

Old people are quick to complain about the millennials but I want to take a moment to defend them.
I think they are smarter than we were, but their ideas often confront our established views.
They are definitely kinder that we were, and less conservative in their values.
While they do things differently to us in their youth, I do think they are the great hope in reversing the damage we've done.
It's no accident that the #MeToo movement has been supported by the young, while the old fight it.
It's no accident the LBGTQI rights are moving forward with a speed like never before.
It's no accident the voices for change seem to get louder and louder as the young jump on board the cause and actively spread the views.

I have spoken before how therapeutic I find music (and dancing) and so I headed to Kygo on Friday, but solo as none of my friends were keen. I found my spot on the floor and merrily danced away. At one point, a tall guy pushed his way in front of me. While we'd not spoken all night, the young (little) guy who had danced next to me the whole time, looked at me concerned and gestured 'do you want me to say something?'. I smiled no, and pushed my way back to my spot, assuming the little guy might get beaten up by the older 'roid-addled meathead, but a little bespectacled old lady would not.

I know I am old, and I know that I don't fit in at these concerts, but I love the music and I've since discovered there is always someone who will dance with me or talk to me. I know they see me as a strange old lady but the fact that they make me feel comfortable is kind. A kindness I may not have offered in MY youth.

If you have seen that hideous tirade on the RyanAir flight, it is an old man creating the racist scene, and when the attendant seems out of his depth, it is the young man in the seat behind them that stands up and intervenes. I presume from the voice that the person filming is also quite young. These people didn't need to get involved, it wasn't their concern, but they chose to defend the woman and right a wrong.

As I sit at dinners and listen to conservative views criticising the foibles of the young, I have to wonder how I ever got to be so old. Why do we stop evolving and stagnate as we age? There is an Irish proverb, 'Praise youth and it will prosper'. Perhaps we need to focus on what they do better than us, instead of what they do differently? Maybe our way was not the right way in the first place?

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.
J.K Rowling

Sunday 21 October 2018

Fire and Paper

These are not great photos but they are interesting.

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." Elliott Erwitt

For the record, they're the confetti cannons and the flame throwers at Kygo...

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Tuesday 16 October 2018

And then again, she's gone....

I'll be MIA over the next few days as my eldest has her first three days of exams. While I'm not loving life much this week, I am grateful the exams have finally started.

Good luck to the year 12 HSC exam takers around the country. Remember, it's just like the trials except you're more prepared because you've done the trials plus any work you've done since then. So relax!

For the parents, a brilliant article and great conversation to remind your kids that the HSC really only defines the next 3 months and is pretty much irrelevant after that. Also remind your child that the mark is only relevant if they want to go to Uni, and if they do, there are many ways to get there, so it's only an obstacle if you let it be. The SMH article is here and Sharna Clemmett's excellent story of achievement is here. Both are well worth taking the time to read.

This came up on my FB from a year ago, and I don't know where I got it from so if it was you, let me know.

Remember as the article says, the HSC only defines your the starting point, it doesn't define your destination.

Good luck, and if you can, relax and enjoy!

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Monday 15 October 2018

World Mental Health and Coming Out Day

While I was away, it was World Mental Health Day and Coming Out Day (a day apart, if I'm to believe the posts on FB - October 10 & 11). By coincidence I came across this song, so thought I'd share. I don’t know how you get it to the young people that are struggling to come out but figuring sharing here is a start... If anyone saw Hannah Gadsby's Nanette, you’ll know the lifelong damage of shame* and given the hate that our PM is pouring out at the moment under the guise of religious freedom, we need to be more mindful of the damaging minority stress that we are causing in the media at the moment.

*remember folks, shame is a negative emotion given to you by others, and we should never carry baggage we haven’t packed ourselves. (idea stolen from the brilliant Augusten Burroughs in This is How)

And there's a brilliant campaign on Men's Mental Health at the moment, but I think it applies to everyone looking for support. One thing I've learnt in the last few years is that support comes from unexpected places. When I was having a tough time a few years ago, the people who rallied around were not people that I considered close friends at the time, however they are now. The people that rallied around became my pillars of non judgemental support, and I realised I could turn to them and say whatever I needed to express. I truly believe there is ALWAYS someone ready to lend an ear. Just remember to do the same for others when you can. Together we can make life easier for everyone.

 From Kaged Lions:

Have a great week, and if you aren't, let someone know.
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Saturday 13 October 2018

The flower doesn't concern itself with the flower next to it, it just blooms.

Remember, a single flower is always beautiful. A field of flowers is beautiful in a completely different way.

Never mistake a momentary situation or feeling for forever. No matter what it is, or how bad, it shall pass.

Don't let the limitations of other people's vision defeat you. Whatever you do, don't make these limitations your own.

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Friday 12 October 2018

What I have learned lately (from Ladybird)

Image from Wikipedia
See what I did there? So sneaky...
I watched Lady Bird on the plane over to Singapore. Great little film with a few pearls of wisdom.

1. "Money is not life's report card"
I have a friend who has hit a reversal of fortune, however, compared to MANY people I know, still doing way better than most. Instead of growing up in his world view, he seems still focused on (in my opinion) all the wrong things. Money makes life easier, and fun, and takes stress out of disaster but your focus still needs to be on relationships and those things that really matter. I am amazed at people I know who have so much yet don't seem happy or fulfilled. A little more internal investment would help them much more than what's in their bank account.
With a child in their HSC year, it's interesting what occupations are coming up in conversations. Prestige in careers seems to be in a lot of parent's minds. It's sad. The child's desires are often dismissed. Surely what makes you happy and provides fulfillment is a good starting point. You can always chase the money after that...

2. 'Don't you think they're the same thing - love and attention?'
A very interesting point. Marriages fall apart when a spouse is neglected. Not paying attention to what matters to your partner will lead to loneliness. Not paying attention to children invalidates them. Perhaps attention is the best way to show our love?

3. When asked why she is crying, the response is 'Some people aren't built happy'. This broke my heart. Anyone who has tried to help someone with depression will know the pain of the illogical reasoning. You wish they could see themselves through your eyes. however, I do genuinely believe that they can be helped to be happy. It will take a long time and a lot of work, but it's a good reminder to those helpers not to dismiss the feelings. They aren't being selfish or self indulgent, they just aren't built happy.

Lastly, my favourite, when asked if she was any good at something, Lady Bird replies "Not that we are aware of yet". When trying something new, don't be daunted or presume you won't be good at it. You are simply unaware of your capabilities. Just because you haven't had success at your chosen enterprise, don't let that defeat you...YET.

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