Wednesday 25 May 2016

The new guard

I will admit I'm not lovin' life at the moment. Not for any terrible reason, just an avalanche of little things - I'm very time poor at the moment and my wish to write has been over ruled by a litany of dreary time consuming demands that must be done as a priority. I'm physically tired, and I know if I could steal some time to exercise, that would help, but alas that's not working for me either.

However, such is the way of the world, and being a grown up.

The fabulous Shot gun wedding dress

At the gallery the other week, I was taken with an artist, eX de MEDICI who was formally a tattoo artist evolved into a street artist and now a fully fledged 'artist' in the National Gallery. I love the evolution, and have been saying for years that Adnate is the most talented artist on the planet at the moment, and the format is irrelevant. The street artists are the modern equivalent of the Fauves. They're changing the rules, requiring us to rethink our yardstick for evaluating art,  So I was pleased to see that the National Gallery was in agreement.

 Do you like street art? Who is your favourite artist?

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  1. What talent! I think art is art, whether it's indoors or out!

  2. I do like street art, but afraid I know so little about it I couldn't tell you the names of any artists.

    PS. I've been feeling crappy of late too. Something in the air perhaps!

  3. I hear you about being time poor but thank you for sharing some art with us!

    Here's to a better week ahead.

    SSG xxx

  4. Having your house topsy turvey and half packed away doesn't help! Hope you are still breathing ...
    That is gorgeous art. No doubt about it.
    Thanks so much for linking with the Lovin' Life Linky again! Especially when you're not lovin' life as much as usual.

  5. That wedding dress took my breath away. How beautiful!!

    Hope things get easier for you soon xxx

  6. I'm sorry about you not loving life - truly. I love life, my work, and all... but right now I'm being worked up for severe and acute shortness of breath. It gets in the way of almost everything... except my enjoyment of precious moments and of our weekly photo linkup and the photos that regular visitors (such as yourself) share.

    I hope your life takes a happier turn, and thank you for linking up at

  7. I to hope things turn around for you very quickly! Thanks for linking up at

  8. Hope things improve for you. I really like the Rifle Painting & the Shotgun Wedding Dress is very unique. Great use of colours.

  9. This time of year always makes me feel blurrgh. I hate that feeling of always playing catch up, time to breathe seems to never come soon enough. Street art is something I would love to see first hand, living out in the sticks, we don't see much of it, except for the odd graffiti tag on a fence.

  10. Love street art! hope you get some relief and rest!

  11. Its might be cliche but I love banksy! I see his works around here and about a year ago he did an exhibition in my town!

    That wedding dress is lush!

    Hope you can join my linky too!

  12. Hang in there, life does get busy for us all. Hope you can make more time to write in you life. Take care! Thank you for linking up at:

  13. Life can be touch but that's the beauty of it! Stay strong ..really love this street art :)

  14. 'Adulting' is hard some days.
    I'm not much into art but I went to MONA recently and it all blew me away.
    Exercise has really improved my outlook in the last month.
    Take care of yourself first.
    Thanks for linking up (last week) I'm catching up due to a busy week.

  15. Very talented ..Yes I like street art but the only one I think I know is Banksy :-)

    Have an artistictastic week :-)