Wednesday 10 April 2024

Fly away

This is on one of the neighbourhood power boxes. Very beautiful work. It's a pretyy busy road so I couldn't get t the angle I needed to be (in the middle of the road) to get the shot straight...(or my brain is crooked, which I'm begining to wonder as often my shots need to be straightened!)

Anyway, I'm flying away for a bit, back around the 25th April. #Allseasons will return then.

Enjoy the holidays. Drive safely (and slowly, double demerits).

See you in a few weeks.

Will be on Insta here. 

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Sunday 7 April 2024

“We project to others the image of ourselves that we believe and carry in our own minds. With humble pride think well of yourself and others will do the same.” -Cloudia Charters, Comfort Spiral

 A friend of mine is getting married. She’s had rough years of marriage breakdown and rebuilding a life as a single parent. She’s now met a lovely man and they are cementing a life together. She recently made a comment about losing weight before the wedding.

It got me wondering, how do we as mature women, having lived a full life and embarked on a menopausal journey, still be reduced to this? I am not immune. I was listening to a book on menopause for another post and while my symptoms are manageable, I did start to wonder if I should take HRT to shed the pounds that have decided at this stage of life to suddenly live around my middle. I did shake that idea away but I will admit I pondered it longer than I’m proud of.

Why do we still rarely see wrinkles in movies or a size 14 on tv? Why are all our achievements eclipsed by a few pounds in the ‘wrong’ places?

We are meant to be the guiding lights for our daughters, but I find I’m learning so much more from the younger generations than those that came before me.

I was at the Sumo when the host made a joke that was deemed a ‘fat’ joke and the audience quickly turned, making it clear it was unacceptable. The MC hastily back-peddled and I was a little proud at how far we have come in this mentality, at least when it comes to others. Or is it just when it comes to men?

I am exercising more and trying to eat more cautiously but most of all it’s my thought processes I’m trying to work on. I’ve been experimenting and whenever I wear a dress I think I’m a little too out of shape for, I almost always get a compliment from a stranger. 

Even at this ripe old age, what I see in the mirror is distorted by the beauty standards of my youth. Intellectually I understand this but over-riding the critical vision is much harder.

My question – who put it in there and why is it so hard to update?

As for my friend, I told her to enjoy the dress and she will look wonderful. Confidence is like make-up that covers up our flaws…

(This was a guest post written for & originally posted on #WWWhimsy)

My Random Musings

Being watched...

I went back to the laneway with the Mows in it while in Melbourne. They are still there though a little altered. I'm not sure why the good art gets scribbled on but for some reason it does. I felt I was being watched and then looked down and saw this:

My favourite was this one - pleasing to the eye and my humour. And out of reach of the talentless defacers.

While this wasn't art, I feel it should be. Warding off intruders, both the artists and the birds.

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Tuesday 2 April 2024

Ten Thousand Suns - Sydney Biennale at Chau Chak Wing Museum

The Sydney Biennale is spread around town, and one of the free gallery space where it is located is the Chau Chak Wing Museum. This little museum in Sydney Uni holds a great collection of antiquities but also space to host the visiting art collection. 

Entry is free (as always). 

Well worth a visit if you haven't been before.

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Housekeeping: #Allseasons link up will return 25th April. I am out & about for school holidays and travelling. Instagram will be where I'm at.

Friday 29 March 2024

March (lack of) Reading

I've really struggled to read anything at all this month. I hope to rectify that in the weeks off next month. So super short post this month.

The Confidential Agent - unlike The Quiet American and Honorary Consul, this book lacks the murky ethical discomfort that I had reading those books. It's easy and entertaining. Would recommend the other two books over this one.

Love Stories. I'm not loving this the way everyone else does. It's interesting and has some really great bits in it but I'm labouring through it. I think part of the problem is I'm listening to it and I might be doing better if I was reading it. Again, I'd recommend Boy Swallows Universe over this (however, the rest of the world loves this book so maybe just ignore me).

What have you been reading? Can you inspire me?

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My Random Musings

Five Favourite Monthly Moments - March

I feel I only just did this post but here I am again, looking back over the month to sum it up.  

1. March saw our anniversay. 25 years of marriage, 32 years together. Just wild to think about. I still can't get my head around us being so old. I squashed back into my wedding dress for dinner but the real celebration is our trip back to one of the spots we went to on our honeymoon that was delayed to fall in school holidays.

2. Lots of gigs. So much fun dancing with friends to live music.

3. Got back into exercising more - on top of my weekly big walk, I'm back on the bay run and dance class. 

4. Weekend away in Vincentia. Gorgeous part of the world.  

5. Art at the Biennale and Arthur Boyd's Bundanon.

The biggest highlight personally was getting longlisted for Furious Fiction. I've not been writing much (or at all to be honest) so to get it up there on my second attempt gave me a real boost. Even though I'm away next weekend, I'm determined to try and submit something!

What are you Five Favourite Monthly Moments?

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JENerally Informed

Thursday 28 March 2024

When too much is What's been on your calendar

Before I begin, a quick plug. I went to the story telling night by Generation Women Australia. Once a month they have an evening with women and non binary people telling stories on a topic. There is a speaker from each age range - 20's, 30's. 40's, 50's. 60's and 70's. It was fabulous. The topic I went to was The M words - Menstration, Motherhood and Menopause. It was fascinating to see what each speaker did with it. Menstration was clearly the popular choice, the woman in her 70's also spoke about it. If you get a chance, it's a great night and I will definitely be going again. They are held in both Sydney and Melbourne and you can stream some online.

As you know, I have a pathological fear of missing out. I regualarly go to two bands in a night so as not to miss out. The double up, I call it. We're flying to Melbourne to see Blind Boys of Alabama because we couldn't swing the double up with Tom Jones, and I didn't want to miss out on seeing them.

However, I was hit with a clash that I couldn't wrangle. I was booked for PJ Morton and a local band also had a gig. No worries, the set times aligned so I would go to Final Girls in Marrickville then pick up my husband and shoot off to town. However, a week before Grace Petrie, who I adore, who I flew to see in Melbourne rather than miss out, announced she would do a free pop up gig up the road from my house no less....but on the same night I was already double booked. 

(Pic from Vanguard 2023 gig)

I was devastated. Even I knew I couldn't swing a triple gig night. I hoped she would start at 8, I would ditch the local band and make it a UK & US night. But no. She was 9pm and he was 9.30. I made the decision to skip her show on the hopes I can catch her in May or Sept/Oct. My friends went and have filmed some clips for me. 

I walked to the Red Rattler and swung by the pub where Grace Petrie's gig was. My friends were already there staking out a good spot. It was eating at me to be missing such a guaranteed fun night with friends and a fabulous performer.

I made my way to Final Girls, always a joy to see (a little 3 piece punk band). They were playing a launch party for Booker Magazine. On the way home in the taxi could see Grace setting up on stage. I still got a buzz of excitement albeit tinged with disappointment.

My husband and I have very different taste in music and the reason I'd stuck with PJ Morton over my beloved Petrie was because (a) we'd spent $200 on tickets and I wouldn't be able to sell them and (b) we could do it together as a date night (c) at Bluesfest, the best part is discovering new music and being swept up in the performance - and as we weren't going this year, this was our one chance for that. (To be honest, that's one of my favourite things about music).

When you go to a performer you don't know, it's always strange to discover the audience is much younger or very different to what you expected. I was worried a little I'd made the wrong choice and my husband would hate it....however, he blew the house down and was sensational.

I am away for a week in Sept/Oct so am praying that's not the date that Grace picks for her Sydney gig. However, if I have to, I will travel!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

If you are at Bluesfest (lucky ducks) check out PJ Morton - his clip above is slow but live he goes off! Awesome stuff. And if you are in Canberra, head to the Canberra Folk Festival. Grace is on 3 days, I think. She is sensational live. You can't watch her and not feel better about the world, if  only for people like her being in it.  

That's what I've been up to, what about you?

He who plants a garden plants happiness. – Chinese proverb

 I wrote recently of Simple Pleasures and I've another to add. I have mentioned before when I walk the dog I literally stop and smell the magnicient roses from a house on route. However, the other evening, when I returned, as I opened our gate I was hit by the strong scent  of gardenias. Curiously, I couldn't see any flowers on the bushes. 

Once inside the garden, I had a closer inspection and there were two flowers hidden by the nearby hedge.

Discovering these flowers in full bloom, and emitting a glorious perfume filled me with delight.

I immediately thought, how genius to have planted this near the gate so you are welcome home and enveloped in this joy. I am not the gardener in this household.

It is definitely an experience to go onto my list of simple pleasures.

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JENerally Informed