Wednesday 28 February 2024

Happy Easter?


I saw this in the food court of a shopping centre. It feels a little early for me but I guess if all the chocolate bunnies are out in the shops and Hot Cross Buns hit the supermarkets pretty much on Boxing Day, why not?

Ironically I beleive this shopping centre is owned by Jewish people (a religion that doesn't celebrate Easter at all). Which made me think of the whole Christian baker argument for not making wedding cakes for certain people...pretty unChristian of them if you ask me.  This display is a reminder that you can still off well wishes to people for things you don't believe in yourself...

How early is too early to wish you all a Happy Easter?

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Monday 26 February 2024

An evening walk

This pictoral is an evening walk, one evening last week when I popped out to see a short musical performance.

 A short cut through back streets found this lovely work by Sharon Billinge.

King Street was adorned for Mardi Gras.

The Dendy had a  dragon dance for the New Year.

Chippendale was all about the Ibis 

The show at Phoenix was mesmerising

I walked out to the most glorious reflected sunset and made my way to the train station home.

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The birds were going wild but I couldn't get any decent shots. So while I could have driven to the show in less than 10 mins, I really enjoyed the walk and all the sights to see along the way. Often the journey is as good at the destination.

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Sunday 25 February 2024

Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world. Oscar Wilde

 I've written before about one of my favourite simple pleasures - ironing in the sunshine on the deck, listening to audio books. It's a great way to rake the 'work' out of dull routine.

I've discovered two more that I'll share. One is simple. During frangipani season, when the flowers scatter the footpaths, each dog walk I pick up the more perfect one I can find and put it in a little vase near the sink when I get home. I love the smell and it's as joyous to me as having a store bought bouquet. Long time readers might recall I did the same in Bali. It's funny I had this habit I wasn't really aware of until I thought about this post.

The last I discovered by accident. I left my Birkenstocks outside after lunch on a hot sunny day. I had a bath later on, and then when to walk the dog. When I put my soft (from soaking in the tub) feet in the Birkies, they were warmed. It was bliss. It lasted for the first half of the walk, making me smile with delight at how simple yet satisfying this pleasure I will try to do this more often!

What are your tips for simple pleasures that bring you great happiness?

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Friday 23 February 2024

"Women need to be able to talk about their bodies, and not be ashamed of what they need to talk about". (Benn)

A friend was telling me of her post menopause complications that resulted in her no longer attempting sex or having pap smears because of the agony it caused. She gave it a medical name (and I'm sorry I can't remember the technical term) and said her doctor had told her 10% of women suffer from this but no one talked about it. A bit of googling is not finding the medical name but apparently 20-30% of women suffer from dysparenuia post menopause. 

My shock is not that this happens (though it's a terrible side effect of estrogen leaving the body), but that it's so common and we aren't warned about it or told about it. I did the maths, there are just over a billion women over 50 on the planet. so conservatively (statistically), somewhere between 100 million women and 300 million women suffer from this. So why don't we talk about it? Why had I never heard of this seemingly common health problem? 

I am incredulous the percentage of those afflicted could be so high and yet it's not talked about. 

I've writted before about how women's health is hidden in shame and that's a historic disservice to women. It's a way to keep us quiet and oppressed, dangling our 'usefulness' or lack of once we age as a way to make us feel obsolete.

Basically, if your body does it, it's probably a pretty common problem. Just because genitals and reproduction are involved, doesn't make it less normal. Let's normalise women's health, let's talk about it so we don't do to the next generation what was done to us.

In lockdown I did a history course out of the Harvard Library and they talked of the old Kotex machine that they have on the wall. It gave freedom for women to access sanitary items out of the house. Originally, these pads were sold in chemists in brown paper and hidden from view. It wasn't until a male marketing manager decided to boost sales by making the packaging fancy to push the idea of putting them on display. Kotex also made pamphlets to educate women that what happened to them was the sign of a health body (not dirty) and explained it all, both the biological process and what they could do to manage it. One woman talked about her personal experience with these pamphlets. When she first got her period, she ran to her mother scared she was dying and her mother didn't even explain what was happening, nor that it would happen again. It just wasn't spoken about. She gave her rags to 'look after herself' and told her it would stop.  This poor woman got such a shock when it happened a month later.

As far as menstration goes, we've come a long way. Yet as far as women's sexual and menopauseal health goes, we're still back in these old fashioned dark ages.

The title quote came up in this article which is worth a read. Whenever you read an article about healthy ageing for women, it's about diet and exercise, sleep and socialising. It never says 'be open and frank with your doctor and insist they don't write off your ailments'.  However, I am adding that to the list and advising all women to do the same.

I know I've said this before, but schools (and parents) need a comprehensive sex education that covers not just puberty but what happens at the other end of that. It is the only way to truly educate people on what happens to them and their partners in life. It gives teenagers an understanding of what is happening to their parents, and later, perhaps to their older sister or close aunt. The more frank and open, the less shame and embarrassment about the problems, the better it is for everyone.

As a fairly well educated woman, I'm ashamed I know so little of what is apparently afflicting 300 million people of my gender. And I have no idea how much more I don't know! Let's work together to make menopause matter so no one has to suffer in silence.

Please note, there is a petition for better women's health care here. Nothing to do with me. Just heard about it.

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Thursday 22 February 2024

Share Four Somethings - Feb

Things I've loved It's been a very fun month with friends. Obviously the once in a life time dinner on the Harbour Bridge was a highlight, as was lunch with friends for the Lunar New Year. I've a night out dancing this weekend but my favourite was playing with my kids and husband at Hijinx. It's a pricey night out when you're paying for 5 but it is so much fun and it makes me really happy to get all the siblings together like old times.

Things I've accomplished I wrote a story this month for Furious Fiction and submitted 2 for Bath. Didn't get anywhere but enjoyed getting back into it. My husband goes away for a weekend soon and I've decided I'll write some stories that weekend for competions and start writing more fiction as Covid lockdowns really killed that vibe for me and I've not really recovered...(creatively speaking).

Things I need to improve upon Moving on. Someone hurt me and I'm trying to be the bigger person but I can't quite shake it off. They made a comment on my fb page out of the blue (just answering the question I asked about something silly, nothing rude or pointed) and it just stirred up a lot of distressing emotions.  I'm not proud or happy about how much it still upsets me. 

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Things I've noticed A lot of my friends left FB, which I get, it's a huge waste of time but they'll pop back when they are on holidays to put up their daily photos or just put a new photo of themselves or their kids up (after a year or so of nothing). I happily comment but they don't engage back (with anyone, it's not personal). So why post? Isn't the whole point of SM to chat with each other? I don't really get why you would post anything if you aren't interested in talking to people about what you posted...

(That's Sydney Tower, somewhere in there)

Short and sweet this month. What have you been up to?

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And one last share - I'm enjoying this song. It's putting a spring in my step!

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Sydney Mardi Gras

February sees the city turn read and then rainbow as Lunar New Year morphs into three weeks of Mardi Gras. The protest has turned into a pride celebration and this is one thing the city does right. I know people don't like the commerical buy in (pinkwashing as they say) but I think it does look good to see the city all dressed up and supportive.

The absolute winner this year however, is a local light shop with this in the window.

Last night there were even rainbow fireworks (at least we think, we couldn't work out why they were on...but there were multicoloured ones so that's our guess....but those pics didn't work out) 

I know I share this song all the time but just in case you haven't heard it....

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Lunar New Year


The city and restaurants are adorned with red lanterns. It's a great fortnight of festivities.

The year of the dragon is here!

These stickers are all over Haymarket.

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

Do you do anything to celebrate? 

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