Thursday 26 September 2019

Taking Stock - September

It's been a crazy September with a week in China, that was fabulous - anyone thinking about it, definitely make that happen! Then back to the tax and other business demands, then school concerts and doctors and all the other life obligations...and now it's school holidays. So I will be gone again for a few weeks but still on Instagram so you can see what adventures are afoot here.

Making : school holiday plans - trying to lure the teen out with us...

Sipping : cocktails - something about spring says it's time for festive drinks.

Reading:Fleishman is in trouble. I didn't like it but it's getting rave reviews from friends. 

Looking: At Art. Visited White Rabbit and hope to drag the kids to a few more galleries in the holidays...

Enjoying: Growing the Woolies seedlings.

Waiting: To find out what's happening with the boat we booked through the now collapsed travel agent. (Should be fine, would like to know it is. I feel for all the people who lost their jobs. That must be devastating).

Watching: Utopia. Still love that show.

Needing: To lose weight. Have to fit into my Gatsby dress soon. It won't be a good look!

Wearing: Fab recycled plastic legging that give 10% of profits to save the Tigers (or choose your own animal here

Following: Fefe - the daily song he and Leeroy are doing for 365 is so hilarious and often the highlight of my day. You can follow his FB here and it will pop up in your stories. This is not his best song but it's off the new album and largely in English.

Loving: This fabulous city. I love Sydney 

Giggling: At Between two ferns (the movie). I didn't think it was very funny and then the next night I went to see a movie at the cinema and an ad for a Christian Bale film came on and I literally burst out laughing and couldn't stop (triggered by the opening scene in Between to Ferns....)

Sorting: Out toys we don't need. As I've mentioned, I leave them on the fence. I've been moving through the 'car' box and they're going daily. But, I'm giving away this car carrier, in perfect condition and someone keeps taking the cars out of it but not the carrier! It's driving me crazy! I replenish the cars in it sometimes twice a day! Why don't they want the carrier too??

Getting: Crazy (see above).

Wishing: You all a happy holiday if you have time off, and safe travels if you are going away.

I'll be back mid October....see you all then!

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Love where you live

 It had been awhile since I'd been out to the Opera House - taking advantage of the 2 for 1 tickets, I invited a friend to see the Stoppard play there last night. It literally put a spring in my step as I walked out of the train station towards the harbour.

My friend suggested we eat at the Bennelong Bar before hand, and I was so glad she did. While it comes with a hefty price tag, the experience is lovely. The view is magnificent and the service delightful. It felt like such a special occasion, even though we were just grabbing a quick bite for an hour before the show.

 I am very lucky to love where I live. While discussing what we would do the $150 million lotto win, my husband picked some $40 million dollar house. I couldn't understand why he'd want to move, even to a fancy big house. Our current location is so handy to everything, including the gorgeous Opera House. I certainly wouldn't want to change that, even for a house with a harbour view.

Even the ceiling has a view.
So this week, I am loving getting out and about on a weeknight again. I'm loving the Opera House and all it's glory and I'm loving where I live.

What are you loving this week?

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PS We didn't win the Powerball so were saved the massive argument about moving to some stupid big house in the suburbs....

Saturday 21 September 2019

Look again

We wandered down to White Rabbit Gallery on the weekend, and the new collection is up. And it's pretty wonderful. (Not all of it is suitable for children so be mindful of that).

My favourites were the works that appeared to be one thing, and then when you looked closer, were actually another.

The Pop Art style paintings of the flags were eye catching, but when you looked closer, they had more in common than you first thought.

My favourite, however, I almost missed completely. The whole top floor is this. Rubble, that I inspected quite closely for a hidden meaning. Could be the result of a bomb, or as the artist is Chinese, maybe a landslide or natural disaster? I was unsure so I read the sign. It pointed out that the rubble was breathing, and it was the breath, the sign of life that gave us hope in this global crisis. I went and looked again, and lo and behold it was indeed rising and falling, breathing quite noticeably. I have no idea how I'd missed it. I burst out laughing and commented to the volunteer that I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before because it was moving so much. She confirmed that most people do miss it if they don't read the sign.

And isn't that just like life? We often miss the big picture, thinking that we see it correctly the first time? Our perspective is just that, and can be changed in an instant with more information. Another person's perspective, some other experience,  a change in circumstance. Never forget we are just processing the information we have at hand. Always be open enough to look again. Things are often very different to what we first believed when we look a little closer.

 I loved this little guy, but if you look a little closer, it's a rare selfie of me - Portrait of an old lady with phone in art. If you're looking for fun with teens these holidays, head over to Spicy Alley for lunch with a side of art at White Rabbit.

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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Just enough...

Not relevant, just from recent visit to State theatre
I woke this morning to discover we are almost out of coffee. Almost. There is just enough to get us through this morning and I can pick up more on the way home from school.
It is a feeling of pleasure that fortune smiled on me in this small way.

And sometimes, that is all you need. Just enough.

What are you loving this week?

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Saturday 14 September 2019

Lack of Relevance

A friend made a comment about greiving her lack of relevance. To me, though retired, this woman is actively contributing to society in an amazing way, promoting well being and certain organisations in an officially recognised manner so I was quite surprised her perception would be that, even momentarily.

I have another friend, though still very attractive, lament the loss of her looks, and how she used to be able to 'get' any man she set her sights on, and now she was 'invisible'.

Far too frequently, I read the stories of the empty nesters plummeting into a depression.

All wrapped up in a 'lack of relevance'.

Last night, I had a dream that I had to tell my husband that I couldn't have children anymore. He got very upset* and I was quite upset. In real life we decided we were too old to have children years ago, so why this dream was so medically elaborate with the testing, and why we were so upset is a little beyond me, but clearly, down in my subconscious, knowing this day is coming somehow was triggered by my discussion about lack of relevance the day before.

One thing I have found, as I've aged, is I'm running out of excuses. I have to make things happen, and I have to say yes more often to activities as the opportunities will eventually cease due to frailty. I can no longer say 'I'm too busy with the kids' not to actively protest the inequities (or just plain stupidity) in the world.

I guess like Grandma Moses, maybe the freedom old age brings is a blessing, if combined with confidence. The trick is just to do it, no matter what the 'it' might be.

Relevance refers to being 'Meaningful or purposeful in current society or culture' and I guess in this youth driven world we can feel that pass us by, especially as our own children become dynamic adults themselves. 

However, it also means 'Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand' and that is entirely up to us. At any point in time we can jump in feet first and start something - a new hobby, a new career even, or become a voice for those in need of one. 

If you are feeling lost, maybe now is the time to find out who YOU really are. You without the parameters set by others, Society has set a lot of rules for women but maybe now is your time to see what you can achieve unfettered.

Once free of the excuse of obligations, what will you do with your one and only precious life?**

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*When I told my husband about the dream he burst out laughing and asked "Yeah, like we want to have more kids now!"
** Borrowing from Mary Oliver.

Start of Summer

What better way to celebrate being back home than a day on our beautiful harbour? While the water was too cold for me, a few people swam and the promise of the pending sunshine ahead and lazy days outdoors brought a serene joy to the day.

What did you get up to on the weekend?


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Friday 13 September 2019

Do yourself a favour....

I'd had a rather draining week and was so glad I had Furnace and the Fundamentals on Friday night to look forward to. As we walked to dinner I said to my friend "I so need this". Having seen them a few times before, I knew what I was in for....and that's a high energy, joy inducing show during which I dance and sing for two and a half hours.

They've just returned from UK and European tour, so if you've missed them, keep an eye out for their return. For the home punters, watch for their next gigs. The enthusiasm is contagious. Everyone left with a huge grin plastered to their faces.

Nikki Webster on the Magic Carpet

I'm already hoping they repeat the xmas show...I don't want to have to wait a whole year to do it again! If you haven't seen them yet, make sure you go then they're next in your neck of the woods...

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PS Didn't get very good photos this time - much better ones here