Sunday 30 April 2017

Girlfriend's and Divorce

When I was pregnant, I discovered the books by Vicki Iovine, and loved her advice so much, I followed it through birth*, babies, toddlers and getting your groove back with her wonderful series, The Girlfriend's Guide. Last night, I decided to see if she'd written one about teenagers, only to discover she'd gotten divorced after 27 years of marriage. In her books, they had seemed so happy that I was strangely devastated to learn this, as if she was a personal friend (she's a very infectious personality in print, so you do feel like you're sharing these journeys with her).

However, in her true style, while she hasn't written The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce (she should), she has landed on her feet with a TV series of the same name, that is apparently just renewed for a third season.  More of a comedy/drama than advice doco, it was nice to learn she's onward and upward in her life's journey.

She did write this post: The 10 biggest misconceptions about divorce which I will send to any friends that need to hear it, with point 2 highlighted. There is no better advice than that for women in this situation, as many I know can attest to.

As for me, I'm hoping her teen book is still in the works, and will read her posts at leisure over the coming weeks, happy to have discovered her blog.

First of the Month Fiction will be delayed until midmonth, when I return to the blog after an extended sabbatical.

Have you ever been upset by news of a stranger?

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*Her book on Birth was the only one that asked if you'd thought about how you'd get to the hospital - not by which transport but would you sit in the front or stretch out in the back? Would you need a bucket to be sick in? Would you want a pillow? So many of her tips and ideas stuck in my head...If anyone is pregnant, I thoroughly recommend her first three books on Pregnancy, Birth and Baby's first year.