Monday 30 April 2018


I've never made it to Hot Dub Time Machine so when I saw the Comedy Festival had Kid/Dub on, I decided I wouldn't miss it. Obviously, it was the perfect school holiday activity, so wins in the good mama department too. Having played at the Adelaide festival when I was at Womad, and more recently the Commonwealth Games, it has been on my radar for awhile with posters taunting me at every turn, so was thrilled when the Sydney Comedy Festival announced Kid/Dub in it's children's progamme.

The bubbles in the forecourt kept the kids entertained while we waited, and was foretelling the fun and frivolity ahead.

The 'time machine' is powered by the dancing, clapping and stomping, so it doesn't take long to get into full swing - there's no 'warm up' in this show. The host, Lulu Loud is just delightful and her exuberance is infectious.

The best part of this show, is that the adults seem to get into it more than the children. By midway through, the mums and dads are dancing as if they've transported back to their youth. I'll admit it felt weird not to be downing a few drinks...but it was only 2pm and obviously, I had kids in tow.

The show is basically a musical odyssey through time, and it appeals to all ages - the kids, the parents and even the grandparents! There's balloons, confetti and glow sticks, tuned with the hits of pop, hip hop and rock. It's truly the best dance party ever!

The show sold out pretty quickly, so my tip is to keep your eye out for dates and buy as soon as you see a gig near you. I could have easily kicked on for a few more hours, which I'm guessing is how the adult shows work. Top of my Torshlusspanik list is to get myself to Wine-Machine, the dance party in the vineyards. I'll be ditching the kids and getting a crew together for a road trip!

(Disclosure: I got PR tickets for a different site, but I was going to go anyway, and it was just fortuitous timing. It is a blast and given the grins on the faces, both old and young, I doubt you'll find anyone who didn't have a ball! The poor quality photos are an indication of how hopeless my iphone is and how much I was jumping about and having a good time and PERHAPS forgot to take any proper shots.)

Hot Dub is heading to the UK, Switzerland and Thredbo, so check out for dates & tickets here.
Kid/Dub - no dates announced yet. Watch the website
Wine Machine - ditto. Watch the website.

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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Taking Stock - April

Loved being on holidays, not entirely committed to coming back online quite we shall see. Still not written the two stories I'd intended to over the break. Too short a break for me.

Drinking: Finished the Koskenkorva Blueberry and Juniper Vodka. So unhappy. Trying (in vain) to get my hands on more. Anyone with suggestions please let me know! No one seems to stock or ship to Australia. So in the meanwhile, just stuck with gin. It's not cutting it anymore.

Reading: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. Not really enjoying it, but I picked it for bookclub so I'm stuck with it. Just started Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs. So far, so good.

Wanting: Some time and motivation to write.

Enjoying: A quick road trip with some of the kids to the mountains, holiday fun and eating too much.

Listening to: Avicii. I woke to a text message from a friend, and have been mildly devastated ever since. I know it's transference, too close to another more personal loss, but I just keep thinking about him, and how young and talented he was. He was a crack in the pattern. It's a huge loss for music. While this is not his best song, I'm playing this on high rotation because it's so pretty, though in retrospect, a little sad. 

What did April bring for you?

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Weekend Reflection - Autumn

When the weather finally changes and the leaves turn red, you know that winter is soon ahead.

Do you revel in the colder months?

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Friday 13 April 2018

Treat Yo Self!

can you see me?

Just shutting up shop for the holidays, and took a day 'for me' before I did. I've spoken before about how we run ourselves ragged and put ourselves last until we verge on collapse. This is a reminder to you all to make sometime for yourself.

Treat yo self!

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(If stuck for a Mother's day idea, the Langham Day Spa could be for you!)

Housekeeping - I'm off the blog until May. Will be on Instagram but that's about it. Drive safely everyone, careful with the fires in this crazy weather and wishing you all happy holidays.

Thursday 12 April 2018

The Magic of La Boheme on Sydney Harbour

Ending on the 22nd of April, there's still time to grab tickets to La Boheme on Sydney Harbour. It's a visually delightful production, and even the little 8 year old girl sitting next to me was grinning with glee at the magic before us. If you are wanting to take kids, there are children's tickets for $50 and student tickets (16 and over) for $89.


There's snow, fireworks, fire and colourful parties. And of course fabulous singing all set before the stunning Sydney Harbour backdrop.

I've never been to the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, but when I got an email for cheap tickets, I decided it was time. I was so glad I did, and will definitely return for next year's production.

However, I arrived too late to enjoy the ambiance of the dinner by the water, festooned by fairy lights and tinkling French melodies. Next year, I will plan a full evening to enjoy the festivities.

I can not recommend this enough, even if you aren't a regular Opera goer!

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Monday 9 April 2018

Try a little kindness...

I've been irritated this week by the pissiness of people on Facebook. There's are really nasty side to the 'humour' there. We worry at the bullying of children on Social Media, yet adults rarely hold up a good example to follow.

It started for me when a public page had a Seinfeld reference to the whole cast hating the actress playing Susan, so they killed her off. Imagine how that actress must feel? Almost two decades later people are still making fun of her. I had heard this story before, and it still made me uncomfortable.

I often think of those videos posted where people make fun of someone dancing. As someone who goes to concerts by myself quite a bit, I'm waiting for my image to appear. I have a good time, so I don't care how I look, but I still wouldn't want it to become a viral meme.

People make fun of strangers appearance, of their clothes, of their weight. The list is endless, mercilessly mocking them for their difference.

We all have something in our appearance that isn't perfect. We all have something people could tear apart if they chose to. So why do we think it's okay to do to others? Why do old people not know better? How can we say 'don't bully kids online' when we do the same? A 13 year old girl was charged with her Snapchat bullying in Cairns this week. This will be the first of many. I think that's a discussion we need to have with our kids. And I think next time we see the image of the fat person eating, or the bad dancer, or the 'man' in a dress, maybe we need to think before we mock. Maybe we need to call out the person who posted it as the dickhead they are.

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PS. When calling out the Seinfeld meme, I received the random response 'Delete the internet if you don't like it'. I think I'll just continue to call it out, thanks.

Friday 6 April 2018

Weekend Reflection - Amsterdam

Just a quick one. This came up in my memories - a shoe shop in Amsterdam. I noticed the mirrors reflecting the street outside.

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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Share my snaps! - March

March has been busy. I feel I've been around the world while never leaving home.

Maybe it's just itchy feet that make me see glimpses of faraway places everywhere I go?

Do you daydream about travel?

 Linking with #RubyTuesdayToo  because it's the only sort of travelling we can do at the moment....but it doesn't have to be all bad. (As I roam around and pretend I'm in Egypt, Japan, Italy or New Orleans, I do make myself chuckle and it's very hard not to love life when such simple pleasures make you smile.)

Sunday 1 April 2018

Bongo's Bingo in Melbourne this weekend

Bongo's Bingo returned down under and a posse of ten of us spent our Easter Saturday night with close to a thousand other people dancing and cheering and not winning, though not caring. It's such a fun night out, for all ages (though you do have to be over 18).

Sadly it's gone again, except for two shows in Melbourne this weekend. One is sold out (of course) but there are still tickets available to the Friday show (as they decided last minute to put on an extra date when the tickets sold out so quickly). 

So get a group together and your glittery, feathery pens (or not, they'll give you a texta) and head out for a night of fun and frivolity. We went last year and I have every intention of going again should they return!

As My Uncle Oswald would say “Life is more fun if you play games.”  (Roald Dahl)

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