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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Long weekend housekeeping

This shot makes me think I'm on holiday somewhere else
I think I might take this week a little slower on the blog. We have a long weekend here and I've a story to write in the next week (and so far no ideas for it).

So have a wonderful week and if you are after ideas for things to do, here's a few:

A Virtual treasure hunt. It's free but a donation is requested to help pay their staff during lockdown.  You use google maps and websites - and get a feel for places even if you've never been there...This is UK based but travels across the pond.

Tom Hiddleston is in Coriolanus for those in need of a theatre fix - also free.

In Sydney, get out and about if you aren't having a weekend away. Share the spending to places that will have been hurting. Lunch at the Shed or Cottage Point Kiosk could make a nice day trip. Or check out the ferries to Patonga or Ettalong. Or drive to Bilpin or on the Grand Pacific Drive.

I'll be on Insta until I return. Have a good weekend - remember double demerits apply so does Social Distancing. Stay safe and let's get this thing down to zero!!!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Big Life Decisions

There is a wonderful scene in Dispatches from Elsewhere where the character, Simone, goes back to her former college professor for help with something. He tells her he was hoping she was coming to re-enroll. Simone responds that she feels she's not in a position to make big life decisions. He points out that it's not a big life decision, it's just a decision for now and she's allowed to change her mind. He himself had started in Marine Biology before deciding he was passionate about art. "We make a decision and then if we need to, we make another decision".

With kids at school, they fall into a path or hobby (or parental pressure) and it grows, and they're pushed along, forgetting that at any point they can decide to follow another interest. They need to pick subjects to carry them through the last years of school, with limited experience in any of them. They need to pick University courses or jobs with a long career in mind, more or less when they're fifteen years old.

But it's not really how life works, so why do we set them up with this expectation placed upon them?

At a talk at one of the Universities, they asked everyone over 35 to put their hand up if they were still doing the thing they started when they left school. Not a single hand went up, including lecturer's. The conversations framed around the HSC are completely unrealistic.

I think we'd take a lot of pressure off school leavers if we made them understand this. The next step after the HSC means very little, in the grand scheme of thing.  Perhaps better advice for these kids, pressured into deciding their future at 18 is, as the art  professor says "Find something that makes you feel good, try it out. You're allowed to be wrong".

It doesn't matter if you don't know what you want to do next, just do whatever is in front of you, but do it with purpose and dedication, and to the best of your abilities.

We have mistakenly somehow turned the HSC into some sort of achievement in itself, and done a disservice to the students in the process. Rather than preparing for a new beginning, the focus is too sharp on marking the end of school. The students feel enormous (and unnecessary) pressure for the HSC exams, but as we see with the University drop out rates, they also aren't prepared for the expectations of what lies beyond the school gate.  We have failed them in their final year of school and their readiness for their choices afterwards.

There is a new push in schools to make pupils see that year 12 is actually a transitional preparation year, preparing the pupil for work or study after the completion of their school years. We need to remember the HSC is merely the starting point of adulthood, not a destination in itself and in no way should it be viewed with the importance of a 'Big Life Decision'.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

In these strange and uncertain times...

I'm exploring my neighbourhood making bigger and more varied loops seeking out Dispatches from Elsewhere. I came out of the railway tunnel like I so often do, and noticed this colourful sign that I'm certain was not there the day before. Again I was flooded with anticipatory excitement. 'This is it!' I thought, mistakenly believing the line at the bottom was an arrow, and in the bushes I would find a clue (or even a little door...but let's face it, even I knew that was unrealistic but my mind was willing it to be). I love that I'm getting these little highs of delight and amusement. I am indeed seeing the world with new eyes.

I explored a short cut through an alley and discovered someone had written a whole stanza of a poem in pink chalk on the wall. I posted a thank you on the local FB page but no one has claimed ownership of the action, nor explanation as to why. It's hard to read in the picture so the verse is here as I'm not sure what the copyright rules are on the reproduction, however it's about the magnificence of experience beyond our humdrum existence.

Then just round the corner I discovered some small plastic crosses had been discarded artfully on the street next to a sad ant drawing. I don't know what it meant but it felt like part of the puzzle...

Each of these discoveries feels like a 'clue' and brings me a rush of delight and a feeling of joy in this very small existence that I'm currently living as we ease out of restrictions.

You can see a lot of this on my Insta if you want to join in the fun (or the crazy, not entirely sure which?)

Are you chasing whimsy and magic in your life, in these strange and uncertain times?

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

This & That

I love the light in this photo - it's not a B&W photo but it looks like one. A reminder that things aren't always as they seem or what we see is only what we think we see...

In case that picture was unacceptable, a more traditional offering for B&W weekend challenge. It made me think I might go back and work on my #Haunted collection.

This is one of my favourite covers - note that it does have some swear words in it so not sure if that makes it NSFW (lyrically, visually it's fine). For the overseas readers, Triple J (radio station) puts out albums of the Like a Version tracks each year. Worth checking out to see who decides to cover what, and what they do with it.  You can check out others here or the original of Matt Corby's Brother here).

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Monday, 25 May 2020

What would you write in a letter to your pre-COVID self?

There is a meme going round asking this question. When I saw it, my first reaction was 'Nothing. My preCovid self was doing it all right. It's my post COVID self that might need a talking to'. I asked some of my friends the question. Their answers were interesting. Missed opportunities, fears of staying at home, instructions for things they should have done and of course, stocking up on toilet papers jokes. For me, however, I think my preCOVID self was making the most of all the opportunities out there. A friend said to me, when checking in over ISO "You really take advantage of enjoying what the city has to offer, this must be so hard for you". I think that was a fairly accurate description.

However, as I mentioned before, I am a little changed from this experience. It's taken me by surprise. I was sure I'd be the first person at a restaurant when restrictions eased, however, so far we've stuck with take aways and having friends over. I've been running a poll with friends, asking if they've eaten in a restaurant yet. I'm more cautious than I was. I'm not sure I like this. This is not the person that sent us 13 degrees shy of the North Pole to be attacked by polar bears. This is not the two concerts in one night so as to not miss a thing mindset I used to have. This is not who I was back in March. It is apparently who I am now. I don't see it as an improvement. It doesn't 'feel' like me.

There are articles floating round on this 'new' attitude, and I could see a bit of me in this one. Rafiki Mwema has a webinar on Stepping back into the new normal which I plan to check out. I want my preCOVID self-back. I'm too old to waste time not sucking the marrow out of life. 

I have organised a group of friends to do a Mystery picnic come June, and I've my allotted 5 friends over for a dinner and dance (and champagne celebration) for the last Hot Dub at Home to farewell this not-so-splendid isolation, so it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing....but still, I'm not who I was...and it worries me.

Hopefully it's just a minor adjustment, like physio after an injury. I guess noticing and not liking it is a good start.

Would you have a message for your pre-COVID self?
Or is it your post COVID self that needs a good talking to?

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Dispatches from Elsewhere

This photo popped up in my memories,
like it was a sign from the game.
I got a high at the sight of it and couldn't stop grinning.
I just loved the series Dispatches from Elsewhere! Well, to be honest, I loved Episode 1-9 of this series. Episode 10 felt a little like a letdown but I'm not entirely sure what I needed it to be. So I've gone straight back to episode 1 to watch again. Which is something I've never done before but I'm just not ready to let the feeling go.

If you liked A Midnight Visit or Dark Lake (or Alice Underground for those in the UK) or any other of those immersive experiences, this show taps into that magic. For me it's not just a passive manipulation of feelings in a tv show, there's an emotional shift that I take away with me. A tangible energy I carried out of the living room and into the outside world.

In the first episode there's a line that sums the experience up perfectly when he says "Everything outside seem better than it did before that, like the colours are brighter or the world looks like a different place...I wanted to keep feeling that way...I was walking around looking at the world through a new pair of glasses".

After I'd started watching the series, I was suddenly walking around noticing things. While taking my phone up the road to be fixed, I stop to look at these strange new signs (that were actually just COVID conspiracy signs). Next to them is a plaque saying this was the site of the Order of Oddfellows. I was overwhelmed with a rush of joyous adrenaline and excitement, thinking I'd discovered a secret. I felt that momentous 'it's about to begin' tingling...However, Order of Oddfellows is not as exciting as it sounds and WAS an actual thing from last century....adventure thwarted (disappointingly). However the elated mood carried me though the day.

On twitter someone described it at the show we really needed now. I couldn't agree more. It's like a crazy adventure and therapy at the same time. It won't be for everyone. But if it is for you, then get ready to follow your divine nonchalance.

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Friday, 22 May 2020

ISO reflection

A sign off  in an email from the director of the Sydney Festival gave me comfort this week, so sharing as I think it's helpful to hear as we slowly ease out of this mess. "There will be so much need for a recovery and when the time is right we will be there. Until then stay safe, crank up the music and dance a little bit longer".

The joy is out there, waiting to be had.


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