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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Beautiful Day

Came back to a disaster of an NBN transition - day 6 and still resolving. But at least the internet is now working, just no phone line...ahhhh.

After a very frustrating few days, I woke with a smile and this song put a spring in my step. I spent the whole day on a high for no reason, just this song on high rotation. (To be honest, I'm guessing it was the hormonal upswing of being quite down for a few days about this country's current political shennanigans, and the NBN stress). Whatever it was, sometimes something so miniscule can change your outlook. You just need to 'Open your box of blessings and take out something to smile about.'
― Annonymous 

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Monday, 14 October 2019

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham

I have written before of how therapeutic I find dancing, and how great it is for confidence and well being, no matter how terrible you are at it. If I go too long without it, I get 'itchy' feet...

A friend sent me a story, that she said reminded her of me. In South Korea, a group of over 65's had thrown away their medicine and walking sticks as a result of government funded day time dance parties for seniors. Some had even met new partners. I love this story so much. I can see easily how it would be so beneficial to their heath and mood.

In China, the elderly all meet up in parks and in the walkways of the Chinese monuments (like Temple of Heaven) to play Go or cards. They have a tradition of dancing in public squares together at night. You don't need to know anyone, you just join in. Squares all over the city are full of people  of all ages dancing at night. The Chinese seem to have a very social view of life. It's easy to see this might lead to greater happiness than being cut off and isolated, and left just to family when they get home from work. I think it's something we've really lost in this country, and probably explains our high rates of depression.
Square dancing in Xian

I'm listening to a book which is talking about all the 80 year olds on Tinder in the West. It's very hard to socially meet people their age in daily activities. I had never even thought about this, so of course Tinder (or such apps) would make sense. However, in those Chinese and South Korean settings, you wouldn't need an app, as you are constantly out mixing with people, so the loneliness and isolation aren't an issue.

On my return, I was delighted to discover the City of Sydney offers classes for Chinese Square dancing (Plaza dancing). It's inclusive for people with disabilities too. So if you know someone who would benefit from this, pass on the details - it could be literally life changing.

As for me, I'm going to check it out - not to find a date but I see myself as a South Korean senior at a daytime rave, and this is close enough. So dusting off my very neglected list, I've one more to add:

Torshlusspanik List:

1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (check)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)
11. Master a Masterclass (check)
12. Perform a rap song (check)
13. Trampoline adventure (check)
14. BMX Riding (check)
15. Do a cart wheel (check)
16. Ride an Electric Bike (check)
17. Astonish Myself
18. Write a book.
19. Participate in a distance event (check)
20. Climb Sydney Tower (check)
21. Dance in a dance class (check)
22. Trust a stranger
23. Get a truck for the Landmine Museum and Relief Centre in Siem Reap
24. Paint a picture
25. Go Rollerskating (check)
26. Do Chinese Square Dancing

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
― Voltaire

Do you think we've let the elderly down with our way of life? 
Have you noticed how insular we are in Australia these days?
Do you like to dance?

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Friday, 4 October 2019

24 hours in Canberra - share my snaps!

We raced down for a jam-packed tour of the capital city. Sibling bonding was the main aim, and using the free night at the Novotel before it expired was the other. Plus get the money back with reciprocal benefit on our Powerhouse membership. Even though it's closing, it's still worth getting the membership, as I've already made $89 in discounts and free entries, and as we're off to the Wollongong museum next week, we'll have covered the membership cost, and any further visits are a saving.

Game Masters is smaller than the Sydney and Melbourne ones, but has some new games and less crowded so was definitely worth doing. And the three of us played together for awhile, then the two siblings, in a rare bonding these days - that pesky age gap causing the youngest to grow into an only child, as previously discussed.

Ode to Jeffrey Smart

Dreamworks was probably more of interest to me, though both of them liked drawing on the animation tablets at the end. I would have loved to do the Antartica VR but we were out of time, alas.

Then it was off to Nightfest for dinner. Having visited Floriade last year, I thought the lights and the band might be a lure for the kids. If nothing else, it meant dinner was sorted.

The next day was the morning at Questacon, still a favourite.

Then my reward was lunch at Lazy Su before the drive home....

If you're looking for a quick getaway, Canberra has a lot on offer at the moment....

What have you got up to these holidays?

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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Taking Stock - September

It's been a crazy September with a week in China, that was fabulous - anyone thinking about it, definitely make that happen! Then back to the tax and other business demands, then school concerts and doctors and all the other life obligations...and now it's school holidays. So I will be gone again for a few weeks but still on Instagram so you can see what adventures are afoot here.

Making : school holiday plans - trying to lure the teen out with us...

Sipping : cocktails - something about spring says it's time for festive drinks.

Reading:Fleishman is in trouble. I didn't like it but it's getting rave reviews from friends. 

Looking: At Art. Visited White Rabbit and hope to drag the kids to a few more galleries in the holidays...

Enjoying: Growing the Woolies seedlings.

Waiting: To find out what's happening with the boat we booked through the now collapsed travel agent. (Should be fine, would like to know it is. I feel for all the people who lost their jobs. That must be devastating).

Watching: Utopia. Still love that show.

Needing: To lose weight. Have to fit into my Gatsby dress soon. It won't be a good look!

Wearing: Fab recycled plastic legging that give 10% of profits to save the Tigers (or choose your own animal here

Following: Fefe - the daily song he and Leeroy are doing for 365 is so hilarious and often the highlight of my day. You can follow his FB here and it will pop up in your stories. This is not his best song but it's off the new album and largely in English.

Loving: This fabulous city. I love Sydney 

Giggling: At Between two ferns (the movie). I didn't think it was very funny and then the next night I went to see a movie at the cinema and an ad for a Christian Bale film came on and I literally burst out laughing and couldn't stop (triggered by the opening scene in Between to Ferns....)

Sorting: Out toys we don't need. As I've mentioned, I leave them on the fence. I've been moving through the 'car' box and they're going daily. But, I'm giving away this car carrier, in perfect condition and someone keeps taking the cars out of it but not the carrier! It's driving me crazy! I replenish the cars in it sometimes twice a day! Why don't they want the carrier too??

Getting: Crazy (see above).

Wishing: You all a happy holiday if you have time off, and safe travels if you are going away.

I'll be back mid October....see you all then!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Love where you live

 It had been awhile since I'd been out to the Opera House - taking advantage of the 2 for 1 tickets, I invited a friend to see the Stoppard play there last night. It literally put a spring in my step as I walked out of the train station towards the harbour.

My friend suggested we eat at the Bennelong Bar before hand, and I was so glad she did. While it comes with a hefty price tag, the experience is lovely. The view is magnificent and the service delightful. It felt like such a special occasion, even though we were just grabbing a quick bite for an hour before the show.

 I am very lucky to love where I live. While discussing what we would do the $150 million lotto win, my husband picked some $40 million dollar house. I couldn't understand why he'd want to move, even to a fancy big house. Our current location is so handy to everything, including the gorgeous Opera House. I certainly wouldn't want to change that, even for a house with a harbour view.

Even the ceiling has a view.
So this week, I am loving getting out and about on a weeknight again. I'm loving the Opera House and all it's glory and I'm loving where I live.

What are you loving this week?

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PS We didn't win the Powerball so were saved the massive argument about moving to some stupid big house in the suburbs....

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Look again

We wandered down to White Rabbit Gallery on the weekend, and the new collection is up. And it's pretty wonderful. (Not all of it is suitable for children so be mindful of that).

My favourites were the works that appeared to be one thing, and then when you looked closer, were actually another.

The Pop Art style paintings of the flags were eye catching, but when you looked closer, they had more in common than you first thought.

My favourite, however, I almost missed completely. The whole top floor is this. Rubble, that I inspected quite closely for a hidden meaning. Could be the result of a bomb, or as the artist is Chinese, maybe a landslide or natural disaster? I was unsure so I read the sign. It pointed out that the rubble was breathing, and it was the breath, the sign of life that gave us hope in this global crisis. I went and looked again, and lo and behold it was indeed rising and falling, breathing quite noticeably. I have no idea how I'd missed it. I burst out laughing and commented to the volunteer that I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before because it was moving so much. She confirmed that most people do miss it if they don't read the sign.

And isn't that just like life? We often miss the big picture, thinking that we see it correctly the first time? Our perspective is just that, and can be changed in an instant with more information. Another person's perspective, some other experience,  a change in circumstance. Never forget we are just processing the information we have at hand. Always be open enough to look again. Things are often very different to what we first believed when we look a little closer.

 I loved this little guy, but if you look a little closer, it's a rare selfie of me - Portrait of an old lady with phone in art. If you're looking for fun with teens these holidays, head over to Spicy Alley for lunch with a side of art at White Rabbit.

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