Tuesday 5 December 2023

Christmas is coming....

No matter where you look, it is definitely the Festive Season.

Businesses have glamorous trees.

Local gardens have gone with simple tree baubles or the whole hog.

Even the cakes in the local bakery are getting a bit of a Noel vibe.

The nature in the streets seems to be in on it (I think this is Christmas bush or just looks like it...)

And I'm still struggling with gift ideas....ugh! 

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Sunday 3 December 2023


I have written a lot about with age you grow a cloak of invisibility that allows you to move through places unnoticed. However recently, that went to a new level. At Hot Dub I was standing in line for the bar. My friend joined me after about 10 minutes, returning from the bathroom.

The guy behind me started a fight with us about pushing in. Initially I assumed he was joking and laughed along with him. Then as his anger grew, I realised he was serious. I pointed out I had been infront of him the whole time, and even raised a conversation he'd had with the people in front of me and he still didn't believe me.

I had been actually invisible to him (and I have to say, he wasn't that young himself!). 

The next day at Harbourlife, the official photographer came and stood ON MY FEET and then leaned back into me to take photos. As he'd pinned me to the ground, I just had to stand there until he finished. It was surreal, and I turned to the guys behind me to check if they could acutally see me and I wasn't infact a ghost who didn't realise it. They looked at me and shrugged, not knowning what I should do.

So I seem to now either get double takes, looks of horror/mirth or patted on the head or back like a toddler OR I'm completely invisible. 

It is hard this ageing business....

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

“In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary. ” ― Aaron Rose

The light hitting the puddle (and the glow of the cloud) looks better on my phone, but it's still a reminder there is beauty in everything if you are really looking.

May the sun be shining through the rain. May you be warmed by those around you.
And may you share joy and comfort wherever you go.

Monday 27 November 2023

Purple Snow

 I mentioned we were in Jacaranda season, but as the purple flowers litter the ground, we refer to it as snow.

Like snow, over time it causes slushy brown muck that you might slip on.

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"It's not how old you are. It's how you are old." - Jules Renard

 Following on about last week's post about squeezing back into my wedding dress...I did indeed squeeze back into it. I did my make up and then went to put on the super high shoes before walking out the door, only to discover they didn't fit. At all. It was like the ugly stepsister trying to squeeze her massive feet into the dainty slipper. They could not even go in. I wore them to a wedding in 2019 and they were fine.

So this is an age or menopause thing.

What it was, was depressing. I found another pair of shoes that had to do.

I sat in the uber googling what was the cause of mystifyingly enormous feet.

Possibly menopause as the estrogen affects the collagen production (a building block in the connective tissues. Feet get wider (but not longer). It explains the foot issue after jumping too much at gigs that I complained about here. It may not be the Converse's fault. Just the old lady's fault for continuing to exist in her less than newly minted body. The old lady's fault for trying to keep doing what she's always done, against the wishes of the ravages of time.

I will say this again, when kids are taught puberty, they need to also be taught menpause. I did HSC Biology and I still keep getting unpleasant surprises that feels like my body is decaying from within, only to discover it's all perfectly normal.

Apparently we need to get our feet measured every time we buy shoes once we age....

I feel increasingly alien in this body of mine - it's no longer the shape it always was, and my face is weathered & worn. While I'm working hard on unlearning the beauty standards wired into me, this surprise attack of the feet has set me mentally aspin.

I'm sure he was meaning this in more complimentary terms but this speaks volumes to me at the moment.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”
― Robert Frost

I feel very much unsuspectingly ambushed by time. It's both physically painful (literally at times) and mentally uncomfortable to know 'With every year, my personality becomes more inappropriate'. However, it is better than the alternative...

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Sunday 26 November 2023

A neighbourhood in pictures

This collection were taken on my dog walk.

I love the street art that is constantly changeing.

This for #BlueMonday & #RubyTuesdatToo

I love the reflection of the people that live here (and there's a strong feeling of solidarity in this community)

The art might just be decorative or it might be political.

There's always something new to notice.....

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(This last shot is in Darlo but adding it in anyway)

Friday 24 November 2023

Share Four Something - November

Gearing up to the end of the year and the party season. First Christmas party isn't even in December! So things have been a little crazy of late.

Something I'm loving: Dancing. I had a huge weekend of dancing last weekend, and then a great night at Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls this week. (His support was Mom Jeans). I love the feeling of getting lost in the music, throwing myself around with abandon. It's so energising and joyful. I leave the venue still feeling the buzz of it all. And I'm off to dance class this morning (and exercise class rather than learning a skill) which I haven't been able to do for a few weeks so even more dance on the cards...

Something I'm learning: That my groovy Converse are not working for my jumping at gigs. My ankles the next day are in agony. After a good decade of wearing these shoes (or a variation) when I go out, it's a sad indictment on my ageng body that they will no longer suffice. So I'm on the scout for new concert shoes. Any suggestion for cool shoes but with arch support and cushioned soles?

Please note this clip has some nudity (butt) and smoking weed so possibly NSFW.


Something I'm reading:  The Good Fish Guide to try and work out which is best to eat. It lists the better choice for sustainable seafood. 

Something I've not been reading enough of is the blogs in the link ups. I appologise to everyone for my tardy commenting. I aim to address that and catch up.

Something I'm eating: I've been eating a lot of Mexican of late - which is weird because I normally don't but we dropped into Ricos Tacos before seeing a play at the Belvoir and I also went to Mami's  when catching up with a friend out from London. Had a great meal at Fontana this week with friends. However, have not taken any photos of food or even cocktails this month. Which is odd. So my last pics I can add is of the sensational Japanese I had at Amuro. Walk ins only, you will have to wait in line. But so good. I loved everything we had and am very keen to go back.

That's my Four Somethings, what are yours?

(Note the roses are on my dog walk, not relevant but pretty none the less.)

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