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Friday, 14 August 2020

Weekend in Black & White. Literally.

I need to write a story but blank for ideas. Hopefully something comes with my second cup of coffee.

Hoping the sun makes it way through the clouds and we have another warm and glorious day.

The fable of gutter miracles

 Apologies to everyone who followed live on my Insta but the little tale amused me no end this week on my daily dog walks as the turtle moved around the street on his own...and so, may I share...
 The fable of gutter miracles.                                                             

The small turtle was escaping his life in the gutter. He was hig and dry for a little while, but the lure was too strong, and soon enough...                                                                                         

  He found himself alone in the shadows. Fighting an uphill battle that appeared too great.

In frustration, he almost gave up. Overwhelmed by the difficulty.

But the arrival of a friend, someone to share his burden with, made all the difference. While there were still many struggles to be had, the future wasn't as insurmountable as it had seemed.

The moral to this story, is the difference between success and failure is just where you stand in the story.

Not turtles were harmed in the making of this story.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Have a loving day

 Many years ago I stumbled, quite literally across this, and it made my day. Yesterday I found it's sister. 

Loving means 'feeling or showing love or great care'.

It's a simple directive but one worth thinking about. Make it happen. Let others feel the warmth of your care and may you feel the virtual hug of someone returning the love.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Covid feels

While making a delivery in an industrial area, I really felt the COVID blues. It seemed to be a visual of the isolation and changed lifestyle this year has brought.

This photo  is for #WeekendReflection. Like the negative image of the skull and the images reflected in the windows, our life is currently reflected in pieces, feeling distorted and distant.    
This tag is popping up all over Sydney - it's surprisingly cheerful, amidst the ugliness
This tag is popping up all over Sydney - it's surprisingly cheerful, amidst the ugliness.

 And, of course, the new normal. 
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Tiny pieces of us are being blown away as time drags on...
What will be left? Just a sliver of life?
Will new beauty grow where we scatter?

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Loving life - lockdown ideas

While not in lockdown, I am still spending more time at home than normal We cancelled our daughters birthday party in the park because I thought it would be too hard to manage COVID numbers and safety. We've cancelled dinners and catch ups in bars. It's hard to work out what the right thing to do is. And it's boring. The whole disaster is overwhelming and tedious.

But it's not all bad news. Here's what I've been loving this week. In no particular order:

1. I got published in the Grieve Anthology again. I think this is now my 5th time? Anyway, I needed it as my last two stories didn't make the cut and for vanity alone I needed some 'approval'. I burst into a huge grin when I saw my name listed...They are going to show extracts over the next few weeks so if you're wanting to see short stories or poems each day, this could be something different for you.

2. Tomorrowland offered a relive ticket and you have until the 12th August to work your way through the sets. I'm loving getting to hear different DJs I may never see in real life. I was also so delighted and pumped up by Timmy Trumpet's set that I've listened to it twice! Best $21 I spent in lockdown! The energy of his hectic show is contagious and makes me smile all day with that beat embedded in my body if I listen (& dance) to it first thing in the morning. His new song is here but as I was Russia in my Eurovision competition, and my first song entrant was Vitas, I have to share this one...:

3.  Les Enfants Terribles The Prism. I've spoken about it before, but I just want to say I loved Level 3 and am sad it is over. If you haven't checked it out, it's great, and perfect for these days to spice up your universe. And free!

4. Was stoked to get my new Marvel mask (I asked for the child mask to be made in an adult size) from this Etsy site. But even more excited when I saw Max Frost is streaming a show (he was here in Jan) and with your ticket you get a Max Frost mask...trying to see if they'll send it to Oz for me...who knew mask fashion was the new black? Max Frost also has a COVID song but this is still my fav:

5. Got asked to do a review for Pulp Fury Radio. They're bringing back the radio plays in funky one hour pulp fiction genres...I'm halfway through the first one and it's cute and kooky (it's a sci-fi/horror). Will definitely come back to listen to the Noir and  Mystery which are more my preferred genres. If you need a short escape, it's worth checking out.

All up, having a great week. Not what life was, but could be worse...

What are you loving at the moment?

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There are literally upsides to everything....

Yesterday this popped up in my facebook memories from two years ago:

I remember it clearly because my friends, who are younger than me, didn't believe me that we got the table because we were old. I had to keep arguing that the young 20-something man wasn't hitting on us, especially when there were all these young 20-something beautiful women standing around us that he could hit was merely good manners. Showing respect for the elderly.

I guess as 2020 drags on, there's a lesson in there. Even though it's not what we want and a lot of downsides, there will at the end of it all be some find memories that make us laugh and smile in retrospect. There will be some upsides. I guess we need to try to focus on those when we can.

Have you noticed an upside to getting older?

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