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Friday, 18 June 2021


 This is one of the past winners of the Archibald Prize, currently on display in Archie 100 (you can check it out with your ticket to the Archibald, Sulman and Wynne at the Art Gallery of NSW),. It's such a joyful painting. She is radiating confidence and contentment. The past appears as the bold image, and the present - the onlookers - appear as ephemeral ghosts. Maybe in these strange uncertain times, we need to anchor on the happy times of our past, working on replicating them in our present?

If nothing else, dress up and have a drink or coffee with friends. Enjoy yourself until your contentment beams out of you.

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  1. Is she doing a 'stare down?' I'm not familiar with your lady pick.
    I'm doing that with Family for our Fathers Day. Today our younger daughter and her hub took Mrs. Jim and me out for lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. Tomorrow evening the other four kids, some grand and great grand kids will be at a Mexican restaurant, there are a couple of great greats also who might come, ages one and three.

    1. Here are the details. It sounds like you have some lovely plans to look forward to. And that's half of life, the looking forward to, and the other half is the actual doing! So much joy to be had.

  2. That is a lovely painting - she does look like she has a rich inner life, as well as being a fun person! Love her yellow gloves. I like the idea that the viewer is incorporated into the art through their reflections in the glass.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Lydia!

  3. She seems to be enjoying herself. I like the reflections of people in the photo, gives it another dimension and meaning.


  4. Her joie de vivre is evident in her smile.

    Happy Tuesday, Lydia.