Wednesday 23 June 2021


EDIT: Scrap all that about the three week break. This coming week's #AllSeasons linky is here.

 Finally got a decent sunrise. Not as spectacular as some, but enough colour to make me smile. As no one put their hand up to host #Allseasons, I will leave this linky open for three weeks - though my holiday plans just got cancelled with this out break so I may be around more than intended....such is life, at the moment.

Please only link one nature/seasonal post a week though, and please comment on the post before yours, if not more. Don't dump and run. I will start to delete those....

See you on the flip side, mask up and may the borders be ever in your favour!

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This is the new home for #AllSeasons.

1. All Seasons is open from Sunday through Wednesday midnight, Sydney Time. However for the holidays, it is open for the next three weeks.
2. Please link one post a week for the next three weeks. More than that and I will remove the additional posts.
3. Please comment on the post before yours. Don't dump and run.

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  1. Beautiful sunrise. My favorite time of day.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

  2. Wow, what beautiful colours! You're outside of Toronto, yes?

    1. Yes, a long, long way outside Toronto. In Australia.....:)

  3. Superb sunset, in spectacular colors! Thank you for sharing such beauty with us!

    Have a fine day!

  4. I love a good skyline view. Twinkling and flaming.

  5. Lovely sunrise. I fear that we in the USA are becoming complacent just at the variant virus is building.

  6. Beautiful shots, Lydia. We have been getting those fiery sunrises as well, and sure enough they bode bad weather later in the day...

  7. I love seeing the sky when it's just beginning to color our world! Nicely captured.