Wednesday 30 June 2021

Taking Stock - June

I didn't get to go on holidays and my focus to write has gone AWOL so here I am still blogging...

Cooking: Lunch - in an effort to get everyone to eat together and where possible, outside on the deck. Little things to try and lift the mood and get teens out of their room.

Sipping: Negroni's and conveniently purchased just in time for lockdown, Mr Consistent El Peachy cocktails.

Finishing: Cheever's Bullet Park for book club which I guess won't happen.

Loving: That the sticker guy got straight onto updating the stickers for lockdown.

Remembering: This too shall pass.

Wanting: To throw a party. Apparently my reflex reaction to lockdown is to start party planning once restrictions ease.

Listening: To happy songs. (Not this is NSFW only for a butt revealing bikini - nothing rude but fyi) 

Wishing: This lockdown ends on time...
Finishing: The tax. All the business EOFY. Can't say I'm having an #EpicTaxParty but maybe it's something I should. (Full 47 minute version here)


Buying: A dart board for some more indoor fun to lure the teens to be active while it's raining.

VIewing: Huge in France, which I find hilarious and just finished Feel Good which was very interesting and more complex than anticipated. Just finished the second season of Lupin and counting down the days until War of the Worlds is back.

Hoping: Australia gets this virus under control again without any deaths.

Staying: Home 

Walking: The dog but otherwise not so much due to weather and too many potentially germy people on the Bay Run

Noticing: I can't write. I have a couple of story ideas but no drive to sit and write them.

Bookmarking: This site allows you to dismiss hotspots once you've seen them (or anything from 2 days ago - en masse - so you can keep checking the latest hotspots before you go out, without feeling like you're doomscrolling for ages.

Feeling: Really down about this lockdown for some reason. I made the kids dumplings for lunch so we'd all eat together outdoors, for the mental health aspect and the vibe was really low. I think I'll have a lot more work to do to keep everyone engaged and happy this time round...

Reading: Just about to start Careful he might hear you for bookclub and sneaking in 5 Seconds (the comic series - nothing exceptional but cute idea). Just finished Smoke which wasn't great but entertaining enough. The Banksy-style cover lured me in.

Hearing: Gladys. It's like we all pause at 11....

Posting: Had a birthday present for a friend and a DVD for Mum that I forgot to take last visit, so posted them both as it's a good time to get  'pick me up's' on your doorstep. I had to get some forms off to someone so I waited until I had to go. I've purchased a book of stamps and will send postcards to friends while locked down.

Thinking: How bananas is the weather?

Shocked: To discover what Norman Swan looks like. After listening to him for over a year on the fabulous CoronaCast, a friend with a crush on him put up a photo of him on the tele and it's all wrong. I had him looking like Arsene Wenger in my head (sort of). Isn't it weird how we project images unknowingly until we discover they're incorrect.

Trying: Not to be so negative about the lockdown which really isn't a big deal. Just psychologically it is.

As always, Insta here for pretty pics and lockdown vibes....

What have you been up to? (Wondering: Why the fonts are being so weird on this post??)

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  1. Sorry about your lockdown. That is no fun! Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my trip to Boston!

  2. Wishing you a short-lived lockdown and sunny days ahead. Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  3. How sucky is this lockdown?! I am with you in wishing for it to end when it should but I'm also cynical and don't think it will. Haha 11 am on the dot is for Gladys. I must say I am really glad she's our premier. She's handled such a shitty situation in the most compassionate way possible and tried to be least restrictive. With writing, if you're looking for an accountability buddy, happy to be one. I'm trying to write every weekday for 30 mins at 6 am (because once I start work, my brain turns to mush!) Hope your week ahead is good.

    1. Thanks. I might take you up on that. I either write or blog from 6 til 7 each weekday and then do longer stories on the weekend. My focus is a little all over the place at the moment.

  4. I hope your lockdown ends on time for you! We're out of lockdown now. It was only 4 days and rained the whole time. I think lockdown and having everyone home would be very distracting for writing. I'm sure you'll get the focus and drive back when things are a bit more normal again. Hope lockdown week 2 goes well for you!

  5. I feel you on the lockdown - I think it's worse because it was so unexpected, or at least it was to me anyway. I'll now be heading straight from quarantine to lockdown and will now have a lockdown 50th which at least will be novel if anything else. I was surprised to read that the dumplings didn't lift everyone's mood, they're such a happy food. Fingers crossed everyone stays safe and we all get some freedom soon!

  6. Fingers crossed for you re lockdown. Did you do Furious Fiction this month. I told myself July was the month I'd do it. But nope...

    1. I did. It was hilarious. It wasn't a winning story but I made myself so happy doing it - it was a story ABOUT furious fiction. Ha. I'm the character in it too. Hehehe. It's completely silly but was just what the doctor ordered.

  7. Hi Lydia. Yea, enough already with the lockdown.
    My wife and daughter and I went out to our first, full service, sit down and enjoy being waited on restaurant experience since our county was covid-ated and wow - it was wonderful. We didn't have to carry it home in small boxes, our waitress was wonderful and friendly and competent and we'd go back just to enjoy her service again. So the lockdown is slowly unwinding its grip on us.

    Hope it reaches you soon.

  8. I can't believe you didn't know what Norman looked like! Hope it all ends soon for you. Good work on getting your Furious Fiction entry in.

  9. Hoping your lockdown ends soon!

  10. THIS lockdown is $%#@ and the extension moreso. The fact that Gladys let the news out on the stroke of midnight just as I was settling for bed made me MAD all night. No leadership, no real idea of get this fixed. Vaccinate, people. get Vaxxed!!!! Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek last Monday. I am always pleased to see my old(er) and new(er) blogging friends link up. Your comments make my Mondays rock. Next week, the optional prompt is Self Care Stories. I hope to see you there too. Denyse.

    1. I don't know why but this lockdown seems to be messing with people emotionally much more than the first one did. It's strange. My self care post is all about that.

  11. This is such a good time to reflect on the good things in life. We had a tough Covid week here too...although not lockdown - and I had to remind myself that this too shall pass on numerous occasions. Thanks for linking up with #ForTheLoveofBlog.

  12. I really hope your lockdown ends on time. It's so hard having to be back in lockdown. 'This too shall pass' is a good thing to remember at times like this. Not that it always makes it easier to bear though. Hope you find ways of making it easier to get through. #fortheloveofblog

  13. That IS strange how your badge code appears! I've got no idea why but I have updated the badge so you could try it now? Thanks so much for linking up with #fortheloveofblog!

  14. I want some of those stickers! I hope your lockdown passes quickly. #KCACOLS

  15. Fingers crossed lockdown ends soon for you x #kcacols

  16. Sorry to hear you're in lockdown. It is such a difficult place to be. I hope you regain control soon and can have a little more freedom. We've got plenty of freedom in England now but it's far from safe. I can't believe that this virus is still raging so fiercely. Stay safe.

    Katrina x

  17. The mental load of this pandemic is not an easy thing to deal with, so I can totally understand that being sent back into lockdown again makes you struggle with moood and motivation. I think we could all do with getting back to normal, but it feels all the more unlikely the longer it drags on... Still, you've managed to do a lot of great things despite the lockdown! Eating outside is one of the things we're loving at the moment too. Thank you so much for linkin up at #KCACOLS! x