Thursday 1 July 2021



The fog in Sydney has been insane. After 9 am and the fog horns are still blasting. It's not adding to the thrill of lockdown, I can tell you that! Nor is it helping my excitement at our new solar panels, as I'm waiting until they start producing energy to turn on the washing machine and's a little late in the morning at the moment.

I know I said I'd take 3 weeks off but as my holiday cancelled, I'll continue as normal and take a break at a later date.

Stay safe everyone. 

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  1. We get heavy fog here in the wintertime. Everything is so quiet in the fog.

    I'm sorry you're in lock-down and you had to cancel your vacation. Bummer.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Those skies are amazing! So dramatic.

  3. The fog is famous here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love it as it is our natural AC.

  4. I wanted to come here to thank you for visiting my blog and I find such fascinating shots, thay're wonderful!
    Enjoy your day and thank you for your so beautiful words once again
    Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  5. The fog does add mystery and beauty to the scene, but too bad that you cannot collect the sun's energy.

  6. Fog can be very photogenic, as your photos prove, Lydia. Thinking of you in lockdown. Hope it's over soon.

  7. The photos are amazing! Here in Edinburgh we often get an early morning sea mist (called a 'haar'.

    1. As someone who likes to learn languages, I had to investigate this word Haar. Thanks for the tip. I stumbled across this lovely ode to Haar in the process

  8. I am sorry that fog and COVID is challenging you. This year has been so difficult on many levels....Michelle