Wednesday 28 July 2021

“A rainbow a day keeps the blues away!” ― Anonymous

One of my favourite houses in Sydney is this one. During the Marriage Equality waste of money and damaging redneck campaign by a government that refused to do their job and just legislate equality, they painted a large YES! above the window.

Given the tiles I am guessing it was once a butcher, perhaps? Though those are usually white and blue tiles so who knows?

I liked the reflections had painted the windows this time so it was almost a full coloured profile. I've put what was reflected in the lower window up too, not that it's anything charming - just for your curiosity.

Boo hiss to the tagger. 

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  1. ...a rainbow makes the day special.

  2. Lydia, this is the neatest color building I have seen. And it has a very nice Reflection in that upper window. I did see a light go on and back off in the right side lower window.
    Please pardon my most awful spelling of "Cinnamon". Busy fingers and messing up Blogger speller attempt made a mess of it.
    Thanks for peeking in. :)

  3. Agree with your comment to the tagger. LOL.

  4. Nice reflections! The building shape and window position are interesting.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for your support!