Saturday 26 June 2021

Plastic Free July

 I'm not a big fan of Dry July etc, so not really pushing the Plastic Free July challenge but we can all do our part to reduce plastic pollution (big shout out to Lego who are changing their methods after fifty odd years of a best selling product, we can all investigate changes we can make.

My top tips are Zero Co for house hold products. You buy the products in bags and put them in other containers (they sell permanent dispensers made from ocean waste they've collected) or I even put some in old containers I have lying around). Buy in bulk to avoid paying for postage and then send back 15 empty bags when decanted. I order about twice a year, initially more than that while I worked out which products I churn through, and which take longer. I like all the products but the stain remover is great!

I use Dirt Laundry liquid in part purely to share the love around. Initially get a glass pump and then fill and refill. I now get the bulk pack, so that takes ages to use. You get a reply paid envelope with every third order (I think) so you send a collection of the packs back at a time. You can also click to get reused bags when you order. They now make a stain remover but that wasn't available when I last placed an order.

Apart from the waste reduction, I like that I never run out of cleaning products. I always can just top up! 

The last one is Tru Earth.  I saw it on Facebook and was intrigued, I buy it from Flora & Fauna to top up a shop (to get free postage). I get the scented one and it's great, especially for a load of towels or sheets. When you've finished, all that's left is the cardboard envelope for recycling. 

Note Flora & Fauna also sell wooden toothbrushes (hot tip, get different animals on them so people know which is theirs), shampoo and conditioner bars (I've purchased these but not used yet, so stay tuned - they smell lovely but can't recommend until I see how they work on my long hair).

Also check out what you can recycle with Banish. I finally filled a shoebox fill of pill packets and sent them off. The next day I got my $15 voucher and I've placed an order for a lovely moisturiser and bath salts - their shop has all sorts of things from practical household items to gifts.. They take a myriad of other items that are hard to appropriately recycle. (Note my mum added to the collection so if some are for weird old lady or men's diseases, they aren't mine....) 

Small changes in our everyday products will ripple into bigger changes in the ocean waste. Don't get on the band wagon for a month, make the changes that can last a lifetime!

It really needs to start with us.

None of this is sponsored, it's just all products I've switched to over the last year or so.

Linking with #Lifethisweek because I am asking you to PLEASE consider your consumption and find ways to minimise waste. Especially wasteful packaging. (I found this prompt stumped me. I will be interested to see what others do with it.)


  1. Some great ideas here. I'm still irritated by the amount of plastic in the fruit & veg aisle at supermarkets - but choose to shop at farmers markets where plastic is not a thing. I love the idea of the alternative recycling places like Banish.

  2. Thanks for highlighting this Lydia and a great challenge for us all. Sometimes we take the easy route like not recycling when we could or just not thinking about what we could be doing on a daily basis to help our Mother Earth. #lifethisweek

  3. I too am not one to get on board for Dry July but am happy to make some small changes that can make a big difference. I'd never heard of any of these companies so thanks for the tips - I'm off to check out Banish - now I know what to do with all those empty pill packets!

  4. Some great tips here Lydia. I wasn't aware of any of those companies!

  5. Thanks Lydia, I am now looking at your links to see how I can make some changes. Great take on the 'please' prompt.#lifethisweek

  6. Oh I hadn't heard about the pill packets being able to be re-used. I'm on quite a bit of medication so go through a lot. Will have to check it out!

  7. Well done on the take...done good there Lydia. Oh I am not great on this amount of recycling but we do take containers to the recycle place near Woolies and we are careful about what goes in which bin - 3 here on the Central Coast.
    Thanks so much for linking up this week for #LifeThisWeek. Your blog posts are welcome contributions when you share. I appreciate that a great deal. Next week is #ShareYourSnaps. It's an optional prompt of course. Hope to see you then. Denyse