Thursday 3 June 2021


Meaning: to inspire someone to act.

 I have a number of friends that have written books, or like to write. I constantly send them places to submit or articles not to be discouraged with the inevitable rejections. I have found if you submit a lot, the rejections are less demotivating, as they're peppered with a few wins as well. Those pats on the back go a long way to motivate you. 

Meaning: To cause to be enthusiastic.

My Wednesday club gets people out and about and I hope enthusiastic about trying new things and exploring what's out there in the city. It does for me, and that energises you, which impacts all aspects of your life. Just as standing up and moving can be enough to shake a bad mood or emotion, a new activity or learning something can provide inspiration in other areas.

Meaning: To provide with an incentive or a reason for doing something; impel

This is where it gets tricky. I'm a great cheer squad for others but I drop the ball a little for myself. I've no discipline when it comes to writing. I've little dedication when it comes to exercise at the moment too. I seem to have lost my mojo for lots of things, truth be told and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm fighting the urge to stay in my snuggly bed on these cold mornings. So far I manage to drag myself out because I realise it's my only chance I'll have to write that day. Or I can see a sliver of the orange of sunrise through the gap in the curtains, and I'm waiting for a good one that lights up the whole sky.

When I can't be motivated to write stories, I at least write for the blog. And writing something is better than stopping completely. Like a muscle, it needs regular exercise or it just gets harder and less agile.

I'm a great hype man for others but less so for myself. As I said to someone recently, 'You're inner Kanye is asleep. Wake him up!' If you don't have someone cheering you on, do it for yourself. (If you have a cheer squad trying to motivate you, make sure you are offering the same back, or passing it on to someone else. A rising tide lifts all boats).

So to go right back in time, and quote the original man "Wake up, Mr West!...Good Morning."

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  1. I understand you well - motivating yourself is often the hardest part. I don't know whether the English language also knows the "inner pig dog", which has to be overcome. Sometimes he is huge and growls when you want to get up - I always say to my pig-dog: "Come on, let's go for a walk" ... Then he wags his tail and wants to go outside ;-)
    All the best from Austria

    1. I haven't heard of the pig dog but I do like this concept! ha!

  2. Sometimes taking that first step is all one needs to feel motivated. Sometimes not so much. It's good to have cheerleaders though.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. I agree Lydia it is much easier to motivate and help others than it is ourselves. I recently had an experience where I could have given up but I managed to change my mindset and overcome the obstacle and then I felt such an achievement. #lifethisweek

  4. I agree that it's often easier to motivate others than ourselves. And being enthusiastic about doing it is an entirely different matter! Even on days that I feel tired and unmotivated to exercise I do it anyway, even if I don't go as hard. Having a dog to walk has been a great motivator for me!

  5. I hear you loud and clear Lydia, well said! Hope you find yourself feeling better soon, it's not much fun at all. But I love the fact you are a cheerleader for others and recognise this.#lifethisweek

  6. Ah yes, I'm the same as you Lydia re internal / self-motivation. I'm good at propping up others or sharing opportunities but not so great at the follow-through when it comes to me.

    And I'm also with you on the mojo thing. I'm wondering if blogging more would help. My Uni course has finished for the semester so I'm going to be even more directionless than usual for a while.

  7. I'm the same - great at motivating and inspiring others to do things but not quite as good at doing the same for myself. I am going to pilates twice a week and for months now I have been saying that I will walk on at least three of the days between - and I still haven't!

  8. I hear you on the gettign out of bed...and my solution, is to stay there. Since retirement this is a luxury I enjoy. Mind you I miss sunrises but I am Ok with that and can get myself up for special times as I did on ANZAC Day. I find writing begets writing..aka as just write something, even nonsensical and your brain kicks in. I learned that as a tip when doing my 2 degrees on line at Uni. It actually works! That's why I share it. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. It's a great community that I enjoy hosting and your posts help make this so! Next week the optional prompt is 24/51 Nourish. 14 June. See you then I hope. Denyse.

  9. getting! see what happens in old age?

  10. What you said about being a great cheerleader for others and dropping the ball with yourself really resonated with me. Sometimes I think we end up all our motivational energy on others so there is nothing left for us! Thanks for linking up to #ForTheLoveofBlog x

  11. Sometimes you need that inspiration to get motivation x #fortheloveofblog