Friday 18 June 2021

Reasons I love where I live #73

 Last night I had dinner with the family and then watched some tv with my husband. Then at 9.30 I zipped off down the street to see George Maple. Had a dance, and walked back home all before 11.30. I love that COVID didn't stop the gig, I love that I can duck out to do these things without impacting on family time. In lock down we lost access to a lot the things I love about this area. Having them back is filling me with appreciation.

Please can we not ever lose them again. Mask up, check in and out, sanitise like crazy. Organise your vaccine.

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My Random Musings

Going old school cos the clip is also B&W


  1. Glad you were able to be out and about safely. One day ...

  2. So great that you could attend an indoor live show. Thanks for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  3. Now that we are vaccinated we can once again listen to live music. I have missed that.

  4. I hope I won't take things like concerts for granted after the past 18 months. Glad you were able to get out.

  5. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy live music again! We live close to Red Rocks Amphitheatre and I also hope to catch a few shows this summer.

  6. Brilliant glad you were able to enjoy it let's hope things get better very soon or at least near normal ;-)

    Have a dancetastic week 👍

  7. it's great you got to go hear them - yeah!

  8. This is so cool! And living your life this well is a choice, you inspire me!

  9. I am just so over COVID, Lydia. I do hope that everyone in Australia is sensible and goes and gets vaccinated, although our politicians haven't been all that helpful with that. The ultimate insult was getting a flyer in our mailbox signed by Clive Palmer, denouncing the vaccine and egging people on to NOT get vaccinated...
    Thank you for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.

    1. Just getting a flyer from Clive Palmer is bad enough. Did our tax dollars pay for that????