Wednesday 24 October 2018

Loving Life, Loving the Theatre

This week I've been lucky enough to catch both the Tap Pack and Comedy of Errors at the Pop Up Globe and tonight I'm sneaking off to the Poe.

So I'm very grateful to have all these cultural offerings on my doorstep!

The Tap Pack is great fun for anyone who likes song and dance, and a sheer delight. I sat grinning for most of the show and I left the theatre elated, I suspect the physiological side effect after all that clapping in time to Beyonce....It's on until the 4th November. Tickets here.

Comedy of Errors is great fun and and the venue, as before, doesn't fail to please. They use the audience, as Shakespeare intended and it's great to experience the show in this way, and in this style of venue. Even if you aren't big on Shakespeare, you want to check out something in the pop up Globe before it leaves on Dec 16. I preferred Macbeth but if you aren't a Shakespeare fan, go with a comedy. There's four shows in rep to chose from, tix here.

Tonight I'm off to A midnight visit. Very excited about this. Stay tuned for no doubt next week's update!

What are you loving this week? Do you go to the theatre?
Note, none of this is sponsored, I just really enjoyed myself!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy! #teamlovinlife

  2. I know I've said this before but I love how much you do locally and how motivated you are to get out and about!

  3. I'm a massive Shakespeare fan & would love to see a play put on as it was meant to be. Love how you support your local theatre/events.

  4. I enjoyed Shakespeare plays at high school, but have never seen one at the theatre. I like the idea of audience participation. #LovinLifeTeam

  5. Ooooh! The Tap Pack looks like something I'd LOVE! #teamlovinlife