Wednesday, 7 September 2022

David Jones Spring Flower Show


The David Jones Spring Flower Show is back and ends this weekend so you only have a few days left to see (and smell) it!

An abundance of glorious orchids are transformed into an underwater seascape in celebration of the Great Barrier Reef.

They've found many strange and wonderful plants to represent coral and anemones, and have helpfully named them (for people like me with limited knowledge of botany).

The most interesting fact to me, however, was the flower show's history. Over 80 years ago, the store staff started bringing in the spring flowers from their gardens to adorn their counters. The then leader, Sir Charles Lloyd Jones encouraged and formalised it. Over time it grew into a Rose show, then a Daffodil and Azalea festival. In the 80's it grew into the Spring Flower Show with the grandeur and opulence we see today.

So head to David Jones between now and Sunday to see these gorgeous blooms in the windows and on the main floor.

"The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." Harriet Ann Jacobs

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  1. Oh yes, you must be readying for spring in Australia as we brace ourselves for fall and winters.

    Lovely exhibits.

  2. Truly spectacular show and very interesting story of its history.

  3. Glad to see the DJ Spring displays are back - a semblance of pre-COVID normality... Lovely photos, Lydia!

  4. I feel like a mermaid while viewing this post. Beauty under the sea. Great theme!

  5. Dear Lydia,
    WOW, the designers actually managed to create a "coral reef" with the flowers - great job!
    Thanks for your reply to the previous post. I had many happy moments in August - I have now linked the collage with the photos from the meeting with my daughter and her family. It is nice to see them and of course - as loving grandparents - it is a special pleasure for us to be with our little grandson. That always makes us very, very happy.
    I'm also linking the same post to summer season photos here, and hope you're okay with that :-)
    Best wishes, Traude

  6. That looks great. And spring feels good anyway when the dingy autumn begins somewhere else - here with us.
    Kind regards - Elke

  7. Great photos very vivid and vibrant too beautiful flowers

    Have a bloomingtastic week 👍

  8. I love the history of the show. If there are real flowers somewhere, I'm happy. This show makes me fall in love with it.