Monday 26 September 2022

I have been a wanderer among distant fields. - Percy Bysshe Shelley

On the weekend we went to Merimbula for the Wanderer Festival - mainly to see Curtis Harding. We were meant to go for two nights but we had to change to one night only last minute - a very costly enterprise but so worth it.

We'd not been to Merimbula or Pambula, and the 'foreignness' of it all made it feel like we'd gone somewhere far away (maybe a hang over from Lockdown - anything different is exciting?).

We went to beaches, ate plenty of local oysters and then hit the festival. It's a great addition to the calendar. Small and compact but big names and a full schedule. Great offerings for kids and a huge food range. We had a really wonderful time. I will definitely be back!

And like the Laozi quote "A good wanderer leaves no trace" reusable cups and bottles were welcomed, and the 'rubbish' was all recyclable or compostable. There were people monitoring the bins, and helping you find the right receptacle.

So the #OneSmallThing is nor just the fun of a festival, and not just a weekend away but the joy of stepping outside my life momentarily - with my husband and kiddo in tow. We were gone for 24 hours but it felt like we'd been away for a week. By Sunday morning I was thoroughly relaxed and at peace.

Linking with #TravelTuesday as the Wanderer Festival tickets have gone on sale for this year.


  1. The scenery is beautiful and it sounds like you had a wonderful time at the festival. It has been so many years since I did something like that.

  2. That looks manageable for an introvert like me that hates crowds. It looks like you had a great time.

  3. Dear Lydia, I love festivals like this too, as you know! So I can understand that this little break was something very special for you - and yes, after the lockdown a lot of things that are out of the ordinary feel really great anyway...
    I'm sending you another post today with a review of our summer, which was not only seasonal, but also something that gave us all-round joy. And I still enjoy the memory of it.

  4. All the best from Austria

  5. ...I would love to wonder on that beach! Thanks for hosting.

  6. A short get away can be just as refreshing as a long one! This looked like a fun concert to attend. Linking up!

  7. Such happy, busy photos! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.