Saturday, 2 November 2019

Share the Dignity - #Itsinthebag #iitb

Long time readers will know Christmas is coming when I start thinking about Share the Dignity's #Itsinthebag campaign. It's one of my Christmas traditions that cheers me up. I love finding the bags and stocking them with toiletries and little gifts.

Bunnings is again kindly taking donations from the 22nd November until the 7th of December.

This year, as well as the women's bag and teen bag, there is also a Nappy Bag.

If you're too busy to organise a bag, but want to support a great cause, you can donate money here.

Full details can be found on the Share the Dignity Website.

I'll also take this moment to point out the website also has a Seek Emergency Help tab covering shelter, food, counselling, and other every day things. If you know someone in need, you might be able to direct them. No one should have to go through this stuff alone.

My annual #Itsinthebag post also heralds the start of my Friday Xmas Link Up. Swing by on Friday, starting on the 8th November to link up any Christmas themed posts. Hope to see you Friday with your Christmas cheer, as we count down to the end of the year.

Small dignities make a big difference.

Linking with #MLSTL as single women over 55 is the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness and we really need to do something to help (or better, change that). and with #OpenSlather

And please note the Xmas link up is live for all your Christmas related posts #XmasLinky


  1. I loved this post bringing to light what we can do for those who need it most. I live on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria where over 55's homeless women are amongst the highest in our state. Women who have worked at home for many years and for whatever reason find themselves homeless. Some living in their cars or having to sleep on the beach. Its so sad and more needs to be done. I haven't a post this week (3sistersabroad ) #MLSTL

    1. Why is Mornington Peninsular higher than most? Is it because the women move there because it has the beach and somewhere to park the car? Or are they from there and stay there? I will have to investigate this...

  2. Hi, Lydia - Small things can make a HUGE difference. They are often so easy for us to do...if we only take the time. Thank you for sharing this great example of how we too can help Share the Dignity! #MLSTL

  3. Thank you, Lydia, for sharing this. Small dignities make a big difference. #MLSTL

  4. Hi Lydia, I love this initiative, so thanks for the reminder that it's that time again. As for your Xmas link-up...goodie!

  5. Hello Lydia. Thanks for sharing this information. I'm going to check out the Share the Dignity site to learn more. #MLSTL

  6. This is such a great iniative. Our local hairdresser has a box outside their front door for donations to this cause. I always love it when I see women supporting other women. Good on you for making Christmas into something special for those who are doing it tough.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM :)

  7. Hi Lydia, I love this and have participated in the last couple of years. Thanks for the reminder and sharing at #MLSTL. Have a lovely week. x

  8. Hi Lydia, this is a wonderful initiative and I wish you well for playing such an importnat role. Shared for #mlstl

  9. I am in two minds about making up a bag (I did for the past few years) or donating. However, yes women over 55 comprise the highest group of Australian homeless people. It is frightening. Listening to Jane Caro's book and having read Accidental Feminists too, she is the source of my information. Worth a read. Denyse #mlstl

  10. This is such a great idea! We're going to be making a festive donation to The Hygiene Bank which is a very similar project. #XmasLinky