Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Share the Dignity - It's in the Bag #ChristmasLinkUp

It wouldn't be Christmas without charity, and it wouldn't be Christmas without people all over Australia collecting feminine hygiene products and toiletries and gifting them in a handbag to homeless women.

One of my favourite charity ideas, as it's easy to buy an extra item every few weeks over the course of the year and by Christmas have a bag of goodies ready to go. A few weeks ago I got a handbag on sale at Kmart as mine are used until they break, and so no good to anyone.

Just a reminder, collection closes 2nd December this year. Collection points found here.

Make it special for someone.

(More details on what goes in the bag here)
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  1. I've just finished filling my bag and am hoping to drop it off at the weekend - it's such a brilliant initiative. I am a bit of a survivalist when it comes to toiletries and buy extra throughout the year, so I just top up my supplies with a few extras!

  2. My handbags are used to death as well, so I'd have to buy a new one. This is such a wonderful charitable idea at this time of year. #openslather

  3. This is such a thoughtful idea

  4. Ooops I'm sorry my link isn't about Christmas, but it was about my family for Thanksgiving. I love your idea though I mean the purse idea with the goodies for the homeless ladies. I may pass that thought on. Thanks!

  5. Is there someone whould like to send me a used bag,i am from Bosnia i have 27 years
    I dont work annywhere i live by my parents