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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Christmas, Who Gives a Crap? #ChristmasLinkUp

In December, I am often giving presents to groups, bookclubs, mah jong and other circles of acquaintances - it's more a little gesture than a proper gift. The last few years, I've given a gift bag with a festively wrapped toilet paper or box of tissues from Who Gives A Crap? along with a small soap or decoration. I easily give 24 or these, so this year I went with the 48 roll box...

What I like about these is (1) you are doing good for the environment and the global community (their profits build toilets for poverty stricken areas)  (2) if you just buy it for personal use, you can use the paper they're wrapped in as wrapping paper (a double win for the environment and your wallet) and (3) you aren't buying things that will just go into a drawer or the bin.

Now my question, what does it mean if I like the Naughty rolls more than the Nice ones?

Linking with #MummyMondays and #OpenSlather


  1. Everyone knows being naughty is always more fun - lol! No wonder you like the naughty rolls better!


  2. Love that the people at Who gives a crap, have a little fun and naughtiness for the season!