Wednesday, 4 December 2019


I wrote a story for a competition, where they gave you a genre and an event to write about. Mine was historical fiction and setting a mouse trap. I don't like historical fiction, and other than 27 pages of Wolf Hall, I don't read it either. As you can imagine, I was filled with little expectation about my success.

They returned feedback, detailed and longer than the story itself. It was all so positive, even the negative feed back felt more or less complimentary. I'd been a much harsher judge of the story, so am now thinking I'll follow their advice, polish it up and resubmit elsewhere.

It's also inspired me to put aside some time and write more. With that said, I'll be closing the blog early and not returning until February. December 16th will be my last day, with possibly an end of year/New Year summary post. Then not until February.

I'll still be on Insta (and travelling around Norway at one point so that is hopefully worth a look). Follow here if not already.

Last night I saw Khalid, and he gave a message to the audience 'If you're a creative, keep doing your thing every day. That day that you skip it could be your big break and your life changes but you didn't show up so you missed it. So just keep doing it and never give up.' If you feel defeated, don't give up. Just keep doing your thing because you never know where it could take you. It may not come to anything but you will never know if you don't keep working on it.

(For those that don't know him, he became a global sensation with a song he wrote in High School. At 18 he was doing world tours and at 21, he's filling stadiums and Qudos.)

So this week I am loving feeling inspired and enthusiastic. Driven and keen to get started.

What are you loving?

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  1. I hope you enjoy your bloggy break and well done on the story you wrote! Very exciting for you that you have a trip to Norway coming up! I have never heard of Khalid. I must be getting old or something. #TeamLovinlife

  2. Enjoy your bloggy break and as a fellow creative I'm all for showing up and doing your thing every day. I look forward to following your travels around Norway - it will be fabulous.

  3. I agree about following your creative passions even when there are other things! Looking forward to your Norway pics - I do love following your insta pics! Enjoy your blog break!

  4. Enjoy your break Lydia. Norway sounds very exciting.