Thursday 13 September 2012

A little bit perfect

I am off on a holiday with my friend from preschool - and I mean when I was in preschool. It's been a long time coming, as we planned this as a trip for our 40th's, but that year came and went, and with no income, it takes a while to save up enough to get overseas. So now it is a celebration of 40 years of friendship. An achievement more fitting celebration, in my opinion.
However, as I've never really been away from my husband AND kids at the same time, it's really tearing me up inside. I know I'll be fine once I'm there, but it brings tears to my eyes to even think about saying goodbye to them.
My daughter announced this morning in the car "I'm a little bit perfect". I love that as children we have this euphoria, in the medical definition of the word: "an exaggerated or abnormal sense of physical and emotional well-being not based on reality or truth". I think it is a terrible aspect of human nature that this confidence is quickly eradicated, by early school age.
So on this trip, I've decided, I'm going to step out of my natural inclination and find everything "a little bit perfect" including myself. I want to be that person again. Not entirely sure how to get it back but it's the mission of the break away - that and read about 6 books in as many days and sleep, the unbroken sleep of many moons ago. Oh, and have cocktails at this beach bar I've found, that has hammocks and beanbags and salsa dancing on the sand. I hope to return with a bigger and bright perspective on life. Stay tuned...
So I'm also wishing you all an upcoming holiday, that is a little bit perfect.

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