Wednesday 29 May 2013

First of the Month Fiction - Midyear edition

What the what?? Where has this year gone?? It's that time again, write a story of 100 words exactly or less than 30 words (examples are here).

I set the task for myself to write a story that was a happy one (and didn't have creepy tones). I am not very happy with this offering, I'm afraid. I had 2 others that were better but one ended in death and the other in heartbreak - both started with a flower!  Funnily enough, apparently cheerful stories aren't my thing.

So again of the 100 words (title doesn't count).

First Love

Every morning he got up early so he could drop a red rose from the garden on her doorstep. He never told his friends as he knew they’d laugh. It gave him great pleasure knowing that when she left for work she’d find the flower and smile. He wonder if she knew it was from him. One day he’d tell her, though he knew they could never marry.

Miss Patrick watched as one of her new kinder pupils drop a flower near her door – she smiled and waited for him to be out of sight before she picked it up.

Please add yours to the comments below and link your blog so we can see your style without a word limit...until next month!

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  1. Love First of the Month Fiction - here is my attempt at 100 words this month xx

    Standing in her front garden, she sifted through the mail. Every afternoon, this was her routine. The feint edge of a pink envelope froze her. She instinctively placed a hand over her stomach. Deep within the churning was relentless. Envelopes clenched in hand, she pushed through the front door and walked down the dark hallway. The door creaked as she opened it at the far end. She threw the pink envelope onto a spilling pile of pastel coloured envelopes. Without James, she wanted nothing more than to be consumed by her desperate emptiness. Not to be mocked by pink envelopes.

    1. WOW! That's great...*ashamed* Not happy with mine at all this month. Will go back to menace and nastiness - much more my comfort zone. Take from that what you will ;)

  2. That is torture! I have a mouth that likes to take off in flight and fingers that get too excited to stop at 100 words. This would take me a thousand years to put together and I must dash. Give me another go in the future and I will see what I can do for you. Sorry to be a party pooper :(
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  3. That's so cute!
    Great little story.
    None from me I'm afraid.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. Wow! Love the story. Might join in next month.

  5. I never thought about writing a story with 100 words! I am so going to give this one a go :)
    Love your Fiction story.
    And yeah I still can't believe that we are almost in June. Before we know it Christmas will be here???

  6. Naw, that's soooo cute and adorable! 100 me something to think about and challenge my brain :)

  7. Just lovely Lydia - I could write a news article in 100 words, but not a lovely piece of fiction! Have a great weekend! Em