Sunday, 21 July 2013

Listmania - Favourite names...does anyone like them?

With my second child, my partner said I could name him (or her) but he had right of veto. And veto he did!

I love the following names:
Juha (I first heard it with Juha Kankkunen, the Finnish driver) - Vetoed.
Alesi (a surname of the famous Jean Alesi, but alas mispronounced as Alessi or Al-less-y by Australians I tested it on) - Vetoed
Ole (I sat opposite a Swede on the way to the Olympics who was wearing his name tag, and his first name was Ole - I've since come across many) - Vetoed*
Didier (Didi for short) - Vetoed
Shinji - Vetoed
Kenji (but not Ken) - Vetoed (with a 'you aren't Japanese, you know')

My partner at one point said "Do you hate this child?"

We found middle ground with Max, but I went with the Spanish Maximo (missing it's accent). Of  course.

I need to add, my favourite name of all time can not be separated from the surname - there is a Norwegian Rally rider called Pål Anders Ullevålseter - when ever he's discussed, you HAVE to use the accent and full name. Best name EVER! Watch for the man in lime green in the desert....

Did you get to name your child your favourite name? Do you have a favourite name? Would you all have vetoed me too?

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*I think Ole is possible the best name ever - sturdy yet fun, reliable yet always there for a good time...


  1. what an awesome list of names - had to laugh at your husband saying about you not actually being Japanese xx

  2. Haha I love that your husband had veto! Certainly some different names there - they are great!

  3. I love that your names are so global and different and with exception of Max I hadn't heard of any of them xx Now thinking of the name Ole with a massive smile on my face

  4. Kenji is one of my favourite names too, and I'm not Japanese either!

  5. K was nearly two weeks old before we decided on a name for her - when people asked what we were calling her, A used to say "It doesn't matter she won't come to us anyway" !!!! (Always the smart alec !!)
    There are definitely some different names in there - I totally understand why your partner vetoed them !!!! LOL
    Have the best day !