Saturday, 11 January 2014

Listmaina - Road Trip Songs

This is not really a list, just a little ode to my number one driving song on a sunny day. My favourite moment, when the sun is shining on Sydney Harbour, and I happen to be driving over the Cahill Expressway, is to crank up Randy Newman's I love L.A. 

Now I know that seems to defeat the point, as I am in Sydney not LA, but there is a bit about driving down the highway, with the roof off and the beach boys blaring on the radio, and for some reason, on this part of the road with the stunning views, my windows down and the wind blowing my hair and those words and music lifting my spirits, I feel I'm in the most beautiful place on the planet.

I don't have a convertible by the way, I drive a big people moving bus, so you don't get more uncooler than me, but I still feel like a million bucks in my 'ride' (and I say windows down and topless convertible are the same thing....)

So my list of driving songs:

1. I Love L.A.

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Don't tell me I'm weird, I know none of the above makes sense to anyone else but me. And as I'm 100, and you are not, I'm sure half of you don't know Randy Newman, but you've missed out....


  1. Yep I don't know Randy but I am nearly 100 as well so I am sure I should. After listening to this clip though I am off to find out more about him, he has a beautiful voice!

  2. I can't say I know this song all that well, but I do know that feeling. I am lucky to have a convertible and there is nothing like it (although I also enjoy it without the top being down :) )

  3. Didn't Randy sing "Short People"? I love that song :)

  4. LOL! I must be 100 too as I love this song....

  5. We're big Randy Newman fans! Love all his stuff from Toy Story. Haven't heard of I love LA but it's always good to crank up the car (no matter what set of wheels you're driving) and just feel...alive :)