Tuesday 15 July 2014

Things about Social Media I don't get (because I'm old)

 1. That guy putting his pants on without hands. Why did that go viral?

 2. Cats (but I'm right on the Sloth bandwagon so don't be offended if you are a cat post-er, you can be all Judgey McJudgy back at me)

 3. The bubble fat ad - been looking at it for about a year now. If I haven't clicked on it yet, I'm probably not interested. Though I am slightly revolted every time I see it.

 4. The FB algorithm that means I never see my actual friends pages in my news feed, only commercial ones...

5. That Robin Thicke's PR peeps didn't see it coming with #askThicke.

6. Friends that never respond to your detailed direct messages.

7. People on SM, looking but never joining in or posting...

8. Pinterest. I just don't get it...

9. People not on SM at all. Aren't they just a tiny bit curious?

10. People telling you what to post on your FB page (like this).

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  1. YES YES YES - I totally agree (just in case you weren't sure after reading my multiple YESES !!!)
    Have the best week !

  2. I suspect that people who are not on social media are hiding something. Meanwhile yesterday on FB a post about F*^king Thermomix got over 120 comments. I felt judgemental about that.

  3. I don't know half of what your talking about. Who's Thicke? What pants? Bubble fat?

  4. Love the list. Made me laugh.

  5. LOL I'm almost inclined to say 'what Sarah said' here especially in regards to the bubble fat.

  6. I don't get Pimperest either. I created an account and never look at it. I still don't have an Instagram account (is that even how you spell it?) and probably never will, but that's mainly because I'm a shit photographer.

    What gets to me about (some) people who don't do FB or any social media is when they smugly announce; "Oh, I don't have time for that!" Well, we all have the same amount of time and we use it for things that are important to us. So the time I spent online is time somebody else spends watching the footy or something, which doesn't interest me. You know what I mean, right?

  7. Good questions!! My husband isn't on any social media and he doesn't get curious. Weird! I detest it when people don't reply to my long, direct messages ... And Cats, just don't get it!

  8. I feel very curious about peeps who are on SM but sit back and never do anything too. A bit strange and stalkerish really. Pinterest also puzzles me but I know a lot of people who adore it. Love cats on the internet! And sloths!

  9. LOL, I don't get alot of SM, I completely don't understand Instagram ( googled today "how to add a photo to instagram"), and I really don't understand who has time to take that many photos... who is raising their kids while they take 47 photos of a pair of shoes artfully arranged on a rock? I love love love Pinterest, but I get so bored when I start reading about optimising SEO for searches that I still haven't added metatags to my own blog. I think my mum and Me are the only ones who read it now :-)

  10. Yeah ... they're all valid points. Ones I ponder on often. Except for that Thicke thing you mention. No idea what you are talking about with that one.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  11. #5, #7 and #9! Oh so very yesssss!
    As for Pinterest, I didn't get it either but I'm slowly dipping my toes in it and you know, it's not as overwhelming as I thought it'd be...

  12. No shit, you are so right! I never see my friends posts anymore, I have only just realised. I bet they think I'm a real toss!

  13. A survey has just come up on FB about ads and normal people feeds. Maybe they have finally cottoned on that people are getting annoyed with not seeing friends and 'liked' posts.
    I must be out of touch, I haven't a clue about Thicke, or bubble fat. I did see a snippet of the pants one, some people are easily amused.

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  15. Yeah what is with facebook, what if I don't want to see what it wants me to see and I miss out on stuff friends put up and then are like 'yeah I put it on facebook'. Pinterest is a bit addictive, great for gathering ideas and saving them in a place you can go back to without wasting space on my actual computer. Come to think of it facebook is addictive although I have to admit it is nowhere as interesting as when I first started using it. I also don't get why certain things go viral. Also the social media stalkers, hmm scary.