Tuesday 3 February 2015

If I ruled the world....

Linking up this old post with the #IMustConfess, because if I was Prime Minister, this would be the change that I instigated. I would also tax big corporations (and the rich) so that the poor, elderly and struggling got a lift. I'd focus heavily on education, both schools and University, making a good education attainable for all. (I might also make the Minister for Women female, but that's another story...)

Cambodia has an incomprehensible recent history. Our trip to Siem Reap was a life changer for me. If you want to have a holiday that ticks all the boxes - history, wonders, luxury, relaxation, great food, culture, then Siem Reap is the place to go. The biggest thing that you learn however, is that things don't have to be the way they are. We can all work together to bring about change. For those interested, my travel blog covers what Siem Reap could teach the world otherwise, here's what it taught me.

Our tour guide for the temples worked with an orphanage, the land mine museum was opened to fund an orphanage and the removal of land mines, every restaurant seemed to have some program that put back into the community, even the large chain hotels and the street markets seemed to do something to give to the people.

There is no reason, in our wealthy economy that corporations couldn't do the same. We as individuals could do the same. As we build up a level playing field in our own country, we could then reach over the oceans and continue to build a better planet. If everything we do has a community development inbuilt, our lifestyle wouldn't need to change greatly, but our way of thinking would. With that, would surely come a more peaceful and harmonious existence across the globe.

In New National Anthem, T.I says 'stop waiting on folk to help you, help yourself, it starts with you...get yourself out, reach back, get somebody else out...and that’s the way we’re going to get ahead...sittin' around waiting on government to do something for us, ain't never gonna happen partner, they don’t give a fuck about us.'

The positive thing is, we don't need to wait for me to rule the world, we can just start changing our ways. If we all start to change how we do what we do, then the benefits will soon follow. Ultimately, it's all up to us. Nobody needs to get left behind.

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  1. Well said as always !!! Yes, if everyone just did a little bit of good, how much would be accomplish.
    I see that the donations for the family of the man hit by lightening on Saturday is now over $48,600 - and this was started yesterday. I love the Kiva loans - I've got 48 loans because sometimes people just need a helping hand and I just keep re-cycling the repayments and topping them up to add another loan. Now that we are in a position financially to be able to help others, it's great to be able to help because for many years we weren't able to.
    Have the best day xox

    1. WOW that's great Linda - 48 loans. I've more recently got into kiva and hoping to extend my loans over time.

  2. People don't think a single person can make a difference, but they can. We all need to start thinking of what we can do to give back and give to others in our lives. I've never been to Siem Reap, but it's on my list.

  3. What really struck me in this post was that nearly all the businesses are doing something for the community. I'm sitting here trying to think how many business I could name in my city that are doing that. There probably are many but I'm not sure who. I support Lush because they are amazing community and global contributors, getting poor people fair trade jobs, being environmentally responsible with making and packaging their products. The list of things they do to make the world better is long.
    I do like that some of the coffee places here are encouraging their customers to buy a coffee for someone who can't afford it, but I often wonder why the company isn't just giving the coffee away themselves to the people who can't? I guess this is verbal diarrhoea now so I'll stop. But you have me thinking so that's good.

  4. Love it Lydia and off to read more about your Cambodian trip. My parents also went there recently and had the same impression about the social enterprise going on to help lift people up and they assist through an orphanage. Because of our link to China that has been where we've channelled our support for orphanages but incomes are lifting and the need won't be so great there. One of my kiva loans is with a lady from Cambodia who is really making a go of her little business.

  5. I lived (well, stayed) in Cambodia for about 7 mths (until a coup) in 1997 and went back briefly for a month the next year.

    There is something about the majesty of the many ruins at Siem Reap & Angkor region which really puts our lives into perspective.

    And yes, I do think one person can change make a difference, even if they're only impacting the life of one other person. It all still counts.


  6. I so agree with you! No one should be left behind and it's up to all of us - a global community to help each other out.
    My neighbour went to visit Cambodia last year. She was so moved by its beauty and completely taken aback by its tragic history.

  7. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could think like this. Sounds like an amazing place to visit, and essential for the bucket list.

  8. Paul and I always lament about how selfish the world has become. Charity is only given at a price, only to people who are deemed worthy. Large corporations seem to only give because they can claim it back at tax time. It's a sad world.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  9. Well I would like to see those big companies that send all their profits off shore eg Ikea, actually paying tax here on the money they make off us!

  10. I love this. Change does start with a single decision from a singe person. What a wonderful world it would be if we could all think of others and GIVE to others as well. I think I would like your country/world Lydia!