Monday 3 August 2015

That's a goal!!

For blog exchange, we are asked to write on goals. One reason why setting goals is so hard sometimes, is we don't recognise them. It's very hard to set about achieving something if you don't know what it is. So for the next week, start to listen out for them. Say it to yourself when you realise something you are wishing for could actually be achieved with some effort, or better yet, be the cheer squad for your friends. If they lament something they want that's not happening for them, highlight it for them. Ask them what the next step is? Or simply say 'That's a goal! Now set it."
When put in such simplistic terms, nothing is impossible. We just need to do it.

So like Eric Cantona, at the 2 minute mark (and preferably with a fancy cane and French accent, just to make life more entertaining) we need to start saying to ourselves, and our friends, 'That's a goal! I love it!'.

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  1. Every goal sounds better when uttered with a French accent! You're onto something :D

  2. I've just spent the past two weeks tracking my daily schedule, including my to do list. Keeping it simple and being flexible in my approach has helped make the entire exercise less stressful. Have to agree with you on the theme song for this one. I've always been a roll your sleeves up and just get on with it kind of girl.

  3. I am absolutely a goal setter! I know when I am feeling a bit low that it is up to me to drag myself out of it and goals are the way to go for me. Achieving tangible goals are a great pick-me-up!

    1. PS my link above doesn't actually go anywhere lol! I created it last time I visited your blog so that I could comment. So if you can suggest another way I might be able to leave comments with a link to my blog I would love to know! Thanks :-)

  4. Helping others set and realise their goals is a fantastic idea Lydia. Meanwhile I need to seriously think about my own....!

  5. Thanks for reminding me! I have to-do lists but no goals!