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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

More Kris Kringle ideas, but these help the world

I dropped into Oxfam yesterday and was amazed at all the goodies inside, only to learn they would leave with me in a bag and I'd be $100 poorer, though my shopping is now done!

If you're looking for Kris Kringle gifts, they have chocolates under the $10 mark, or bath salts and soaps - all fair trade, often organic and helping local communities around the planet.

These teas in gorgeous canisters are under $20, and the hibiscus infusion is delightful. (It was meant to be a gift but #IMustConfess I decided I needed to try it).

Worry dolls at $5.95 are the perfect gift for any parent of a teenager, or there are plenty of handmade Christmas decorations.

These statement rings will please any female in your life, young or old, and only $18.95.

If you can't get into an Oxfam shop, you can order online.

One other item, worth a mention: I got this in the Bockers & Pony hamper, so I don't know the price, but these were amazingly delicious (I ate the whole tin! Opps!).

Lastly, the fabulous Industrie Grooming kits are on sale again (better pics of what's inside on this post here) for $19.95, with proceeds going to cure brain cancer (Dr Teo). Available at Industrie stores or David Jones.

Any other gift ideas?

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  1. Oxfam- such a great idea- maybe I can finish my online shopping today!

  2. Mmm Lydia, that hibiscus tea looks like it would be lovely. I can understand why you needed to try it. Well done you for supporting Oxfam when you were doing Christmas shopping! :-)

  3. Some great stocking filler ideas, or items to fill a hamper.

  4. Love all these. Especially the tea. I'm hoping to finally start my Christmas shopping this week.

  5. They look great. Good idea's for teachers here

  6. I think the hubster needs that worry doll. He can be such a stress head at times!

  7. Lovely ideas! There's always people I struggle to buy presents for, one of these might work :)

  8. How fantastic!! Love those staple rings and I don't think I could have resisted that tea either!

  9. I love getting ideas from posts .. Thanks for the inspiration

  10. What lovely ideas!! I love the tea and the worry dolls...oh and the rings! Actually, all of them!

  11. I have never thought of Oxfam for gifts - thanks for showing so many cool, affordable and environmentally friendly gift options!