Thursday, 28 April 2016

What do you want for Mother's Day? (ways to celebrate)

Mother's Day for me tends to be about my mother and my mother in law, And that's fine. But year after year, I have to come up with gift ideas. I struggle, as it follows on closely after birthdays. So here's a few ideas, if you're also in the same boat, or if you want to celebrate a little differently this year.

1. Traditional gift.
There are a few shops I would head to if I was after something a little different. Daddy, I want a pony & Oxfam for unique little luxuries or if looking online Rafiki Mwema has cute tshirts, bags and even laptop skins.

2. Do something together.
Groupon has been pushing the high teas and massages all week - and they're always a great idea. Or for Sydneysiders, some of these day trips would be fantastic, and you can bring the kids too, so it's winning all round.

3. Remember, it's just another day. There are 364 equally important days of the year to tell your mum you love her. Just because someone put a universal sign on it, doesn't mean you can drop the ball for the next 11 months. Maybe start a tradition of a weekly coffee date,monthly lunch or card, or even lengthy email packed with news and photos. Whatever you aren't doing now, add a new tradition. Make that your Mother's Day gift.

4. If the budget extends to it, plan a girls weekend away. With money no object, I'd pick The Rift, Bowral or at least a trip to the Day Spa at the Langham. Time and attention is the best gift of all.

As you can see, the list is short, so throw me your ideas. What are you giving your Mother/Mother in law this year, and what do you want?

PS I think my RocknRoll adventure was my Mother's Day present. Having fun with the teen, a rare event at the moment.

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  1. Great ideas! My MIL and my mum are both away this year so I'm looking forward to this one being all about me! :)

  2. Lovely ideas. I'd love just to see my kids and hang out with them.

  3. This year I have got some really special pjs for the MIL and for my Mum was have combined money for some Pandora. I normally like to head out for lunch on Mother's Day but this year will be quieter as the Mr is away.