Thursday 27 October 2016

First of the month fiction - November

In haste, I forgot all about First of the Month Fiction. So in unprecendent lack of creativity, I'm reposting an old seasonal story.
For newcomers, a story in exactly 100 words or one less than 30 words. Add it in the comments then link your blog if you have one.

They had planned this job for months. They knew exactly what to do. Get in, get out and most importantly, get what they came for. They had considered the risks, given her fierce, noisy dogs. They knew the strange lonely old woman was home. It would be difficult, but their greed outweighed their fear. Nervously they pulled on their masks and crept up the drive stealthily. One sidled up to the window and looked in, but there was no sign of her. The other approached the door tentatively. The door swung open unexpectedly. "Trick or treat!" the children screamed, hopefully.

Here's to a less chaotic month ahead. Happy writing!


  1. “Hey guys, Jimmy doesn’t look so good” said Will. He was right, Jimmy had turned a light grey colour and was starting to sweat.

    Brad turned around and said “Jeez Jimmy, are you ok? Give him some of your Redbull Will”.

    Jimmy’s heart was pounding, his vision was starting to blur and his tongue was swelling. “I think she poisoned me” he tried to say, referring to the old lady at the last house they trick or treated.

    Looking back at her house he could just see her peering out from the curtain, staring as his world went black…

    1. I thought about this last night....wicked man!

  2. I like it! Nice twist.

    Not happy with mine, but I never will be.


    It happened every evening. A cacophony of heavy metal across the hall.

    After months of little sleep, the noisy neighbours moved.

    "Yes!" Louise danced around in pyjamas.

    The doorbell rang. She answered, flushed but ebullient. There stood a man with crinkly eyes and tousled hair. 

    "Hi," said crinkly eyes. "I've just moved in. Could I borrow scissors to open some boxes?" 

    "One moment!" Louise slammed the door. 

    She fled to the bedroom to dress. She ran back. He was still there. 

    "Sorry about that." Louise smiled. 

    "No problem," said crinkly, bemused. 

    Louise was going to like living here after all. 

    1. I like this one. But I know what you mean. My dark ones I always like but my happy ones I always feel a little meh about. I think they're just much harder to do. This made me smile tho. It's good.

  3. So this one is really rushed. Do I get points for writing it in under a minute and actually nailing the word count?

    Here it is:

    She couldn’t keep up. She’d already fallen twice. He didn’t even turn back, just kept pulling on her arm with no regard for her wellbeing at all. Damn dog.

    1. You should definitely get bonus points for speed writing.

    2. Absolutely! And it made me laugh out loud!

  4. Good on you! I like the way your brain works. Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Denyse

  5. This sounds exciting! I enjoy creative writing. I'm gonna come up with a story for next time.

  6. What a great idea to get the creative juices flowing. Will try and join in next time #KCACOLS

  7. My awful (and late!) attempt...

    It was cold, dark and late. She wanted to give in but she knew if she did, there was no going back. She heard a noise nearby. Startled she turned in the direction of the noise, squinting in the darkness to see what it was. It'd been hours since she'd last moved, her body frozen in position and her muscles protesting as she flexed them. From the darkness she heard a voice, shouting at her, startling her again. "Babe, put down the computer and come to bed already". The blog post would have to wait. It was time for bed.


    1. Firstly, I will pull you up if you put yourself down, so don't ever do that again. There's no awful here - we're a totally Kanye zone.
      Secondly, that's great, I chuckled out loud (and I know the scenario only too well!
      Thirdly, not late! If the link is active, the game is still going!

  8. Oh what a lovely story! Honestly I do not have the brain capacity to be creative right now, but here is a little story anyway lol ....

    Her face lit up like a Christmas tree on steroids. She was in her element. She knew that the trophy would be hers, climbing up the ladder she reaches the top and glances at the crowd. "I got this." She dives down and does three torpedo flips and lands in the water as if nobody touched it. Ace. She gets out of the pool, all tens.

  9. Haha that was not the kind of ending I expected. I might have to join in next time.xx #KCACOLS

  10. This is a fun idea. Great for getting your mind thinking and creating! Also, an interesting ending! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS although, just a kind reminder that linkies are not allowed unless it is a promotional post of the linky, :-) x