Thursday 2 March 2017

Must watch tv...

We were late adopters of the digital tv and netflix bonanza, me being one of those people that happily went to the video shop and chatted with the film buff behind the counter...but alas, no more. As is the way of the world, they shut down.

So we moved onto Apple TV and Netflix, and can I tell you, what a let down. We wanted to watch Die Hard - had to dig out my dvd. 30 Rock? Dvd. We've watched hardly anything on Netflix, resorting to buying series on Apple TV.

The Night of (with John Tuturro) is great. I like Blunt Talk but the second season isn't as funny as the first.

That's about all I can recommend. We're watching Legion but not loving it. Watched WestWorld but only ok.

I don't know what to tell you. There's nothing really out there that's 'must watch tv'.

So if you haven't already, watch Arrested Development. It's so hilarious and probably the best thing made in the last decade or so. Breaking Bad? House of Cards? We like the Americans...

What are your favs on TV at the moment?

Struggling to write on this weeks prompt for #LifeThisWeek


  1. My husband and I don't own a tv and probably never will, but my parents bought a chromecast and were trying to figure out how to watch their online videos (not just youtube) on the tv, so I downloaded this app. Anyway, even though I really have no interest in ever having cable again, I have to admit it was a lot of fun seeing internet shows/movies on a big screen. :)

    Sorry you are disappointed in netflix though. That's really frustrating that you are having to pull out dvds when you watch shows rather than using the thing you are paying monthly for. You might could return your apple tv and cancel netflix if you aren't getting much use out of it?

    1. I think the kids might uprise if we did that...I've never heard of to google.

  2. I see your point. I find myself flicking through the Netflix catalogue and not really wanting to watch anything on there. I usually stick to the stand up comedy specials.

    Arrested Development makes me cringe so much! And I think I'm halfway through season two of Breaking Bad

  3. Santa Clarita Diet is hilarious, I also love British comedy shows like Peep Show and Red Dwarf :)

  4. I have my faves on Netflix and then just binge watch the entire series from beginning to end.

  5. I don't have Netflix but I love Breaking Bad and have the entire series on dvd.

  6. We are using netflix directly to a TV which has it programmed in, for the older TV hub has installed Chromecast and it works beautifully for all streaming. In fact he could watch iView on it if he chose. It cost around $60 for the unit itself. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week: My Favourite Colour.

  7. It's funny, there are some nights I can't find anything to watch on Netflix - sometimes I'm just not in the mood. We've been watching a lot of free to air lately, mainly on 9Life, because I'm addicted to home renovation shows right now!

  8. Not watching much at the moment. I tried so hard to watch episode 1 of Real Housewives of Sydney but just couldn't do it.

    SSG xxx