Sunday, 3 September 2017

Happy Birthday to #LifeThisWeek

Over the years, there have been many prompt led link ups, and they all seem to have vanished over time. I am happy to have #LifeThisWeek every Monday as it allows me to explore ideas or stretch - write something a little more poetic than usual or just see where it takes me.
Sometimes it's as simple as discussing a topic, like #Mindfulness or #Education.  Other times we can explore ideas, in any way we see fit - like #Belief. Some chose religion, I chose belief in oneself. Occasionally, in the process, I learn a little about myself. I start writing a post heading in one direction but midway through it, start over and end up somewhere completely different, like when we discussed #WhatCan'tYouLiveWithout?

My favourite prompt over the year was #HowMuchMoneyIsEnough? It took me quite a while to think about what I wanted to say on this topic. I enjoyed the memories I trawled to get there, and I'm happy I perhaps shared some good for well deserved charities in a country I adore.

So thank you Denyse for hosting a prompt led link up that forces me into directions I may not naturally take. I love seeing where people decide to go with the prompt.
Congratulations on a busy twelve months.

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  1. I tend not to follow the prompts, but remember that the #howmuchmoneyisenough was one that I did. It really resonated at the time.

  2. I don't follow the prompts but it is great that it gets you thinking about other subjects.

  3. I like the prompts too. It does get you thinking.

  4. Many Happy Returns to #LifeThisWeek. I like reading posts on the prompts even if I don't usually follow them myself. Such a great linky!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. One of my favourites this year was 'Mindfulness'. I learnt so many mindfulness techniques from the week's posts.

    It's also been wonderful catching up with you each week too!

    SSG xxx

  6. Thank you for such kind words and letting us know what prompt 'made you think'. I like coming up with prompts which can be interpreted any way so it IS a thinking process too. Your support has been great. Much appreciated. Thanks for joining in #LTW 35/52, next week is Taking Stock. I have added the prompts for the rest of 2017 on my home page and in the blog post P is for Pansies.

  7. I haven't been a good blogger and only write sporadically so I tend to forget the prompts and then feel bad. But they are certainly thought-provoking and I often wish I had joined in. I've found some great blogs by dropping by, even if I haven't participated, too.

  8. I haven't been as regular as I'd like but hoping to be more consistent now. Can't believe it's been a year though! Time flies