Saturday, 12 September 2020

“One’s friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human.”– George Santayana

 As I'm still trying to keep the kids off public transport, I drove a child to an appointment in the city. While waiting around, I strolled around the Calyx and felt elated. Returning for pick up, I noticed the signs for Botanic House, which I'd been meaning to visit for a long time, and that the World Press Photography exhibition was on at the State Library. I texted a friend straight away and asked if she wanted to go to the exhibition and then have lunch and straight away she messaged back a date.

It felt so good to have a plan. I've been only making tentative plans and then buying the tickets the day before or day of because I needed to check Covid numbers in the area.

We strolled around the exhibition in masks - while not too crowded, there were about 12 others there, which seems like a lot all of a sudden! It's fantastic and well worth a visit. Best of all, it's free. (Because of copyright, I'm never sure if I'm allowed to share photos so you'll just have to see for yourself!).

We popped into the Calyx on the way to lunch because it truly is a joyous sight.

The restaurant was surprisingly full, though the tables were well spaced and the waiters in masks. If you can, ask for a window table because they are open and thus airy.
The food is delicious. It's a $59 feast, and I thought you chose an entree and main but you actually get three entrees, three mains and a dessert plate to share. (Be mindful of serving the food - I allocated my spoon as server so there was no contamination - the things we need to think of!)

It felt so good to catch up and be 'normal'. It felt so good to have a plan booked in and something to look forward to. It felt slightly more like it used to.

It was great to finally catch up with my friend I hadn't seen since February. We had planned a different outing but the numbers were climbing so we cancelled last minute.
It felt good to feel good.

“Happiness is a collection of joyful experiences shared with soul friends. Get together and have some fun!”

― Amy Leigh Mercree (But keep a safe distance and don't go out if the slightest bit sick!)

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What are you loving this week?


  1. What a beautiful place to visit and have a delicious meal! The flowers all looked so lovely. It sounds so pleasant to be able to visit places of interest again. We are trying to go to outdoor events and stay distanced from other people as much as possible. So many events have been cancelled where I live ;(

  2. What an amazing meal. It was so thoughtful to give a child a ride to town. - Margy

  3. That's my type of outing and yes, it does feel good to feel good.

  4. It looks gorgeous and I'm so glad you got out and had some fun. We haven't had to wear masks at all in WA and I'm so grateful for that - our COVID restrictions are minimal at best and I forget that others are still having to be so careful.

  5. What a lovely place but did you save me any of that meal?

    Have a quainttastic safe week 😷😷😷

  6. Im glad that you were able to do this. It is hard at the moment to make plans #DreamTeamLinky

  7. It looks like you had such a lovely time. I can almost see your joy leaping off the page. It's funny how getting out 'out' feels so amazing now. Here's to many more adventures! Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeamLinky

  8. The food looks good! Fab that you were able to enjoy a day out in these trying times. Thanks for linking up with #dreamteamlinky

  9. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  10. We are avoiding public transport still too - that lunch looks amazing and it seems like you really enjoyed your time.