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Sunday, 28 April 2013

First of the Month Fiction - May

That time again already - First of the Month Fiction is short stories - less than 30 words or 100 words exactly - see examples here.

Add your offering in the comments, then link your blog to the linky thing so we can see how sensational your work is when you don't have a word limit.

Mine is of the 100 words:

The Phone Call

“You had lunch with her again?”

“If she’s causing trouble in our marriage, why do you keep talking to her?”

“If she’s not important to you, why do you drop everything when she asks?”

“Why would you tell her things about me, when you know she likes to use them to cause trouble?”

“Are you fucking her?”

There was silence and then my mind went black. Something snapped. Calmly I replaced the phone in the cradle. In a daze I picked up the large carving knife and slowly walked out to pay someone a visit.

Please join in and add yours to the comment section below and the link to your blog so we can see your excellent other work...
Hope everyone had lovely holidays and here's to a new month and a new school term....


  1. Yips! Forgot to say linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT! Where is my brain. Click here to see who else swung by...

  2. Oooh, creepy! I loved it :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  3. Yikes! I'm glad you didn't describe the next bit. The magic of a short story ;)

  4. yay!! I was wondering when this was going to be back - I'll be back with my own 100 words soon xx

  5. Woah!!! Keep going, keep going!!!

  6. Oh crap!!! I want to know what happened.
    I'm going for less than thirty words.

    I stepped off the plane, taking a deep breath. Would he be here?
    Was this a waste of time?
    Slowly, I scanned the crowd.

    1. Wow! That's great! Seriously gave me that anticipation feeling - it's amazing you can tell a whole story in so few words!! And sorry again for not doing the link back to your page - I always do. I'm just a dunce with the linky thing...

  7. Oh I like this! 100 words is never enough!

  8. This is awesome Lydia. I'm no fiction writer, but I love to read. You've been very clever to fit an entire story in 100 words!

  9. Oh dear I suspect the next chapter ain't pretty.

  10. Well I just hope you give that trollop what she deserves ;-)

    Visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx

  11. Here is my little First of the Month Fiction:

    Barely breathing. The juggle impossible. Tears inevitable. Life was everything but this. She took hold of her lists. Stacked them neatly. Walked into the kitchen. Lit her stove top and dipped the edge of her stack neatly into the dancing flames. Alight. The burning papers suffocating in flames were the start of her end. She held them, the heat melting at her painted nails. The pain becoming unbearable. She drops the burning stack onto her kitchen bench. Alight. Everything catches alight. She grabs her car keys. Nothing else. And walks out. This was her end.

  12. That's very evocative (I had a Sylvia plath thing going in my head while I read it). It's impressive that so little (words) is needed to provoke an emotion in the reader...

  13. I love the challenge. It's amazing how difficult it is to write a strong piece in so few words. You have done well :)

  14. Ok - here's mine!

    There’s an acrid, sour smell emanating from him, while his very pores seem to pulse in rhythm to the tempo of his snores. In, out. The nostril hairs blow gently in his breeze.

    Eyes narrowed, she watches.

    Reaching, she squeezes, those two perfect points.

    It stops.

    1. LoVe it! I was actually thinking next month I'd have to try one that doesn't have an evil undercurrent (or everyone will think I need therapy), and was wondering how I'd do it - then lo & behold, yours cracked me up! That's great!!

  15. Great story Lydia - very well written!

  16. Holy crap!
    Now you see, I just want the rest of it now ...
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  17. WOW - what a great linky - I won't be joining because I am not that great at writing but I loved the other links !
    HAve the best day !