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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Perfect Day

I am not the world's biggest fan of Mother's Day - it seems a distorted celebration to me, but I will save that for another post, so won't bring the mood down here. My perfect Mother's day would be similar to the perfect day I described last year, and repost below. However, as it is for Mother's Day, I'd let the kids come with me...

I had a perfect day a month ago in Singapore - real details here - but assuming money and distance no object, my perfect day would involve the following:

The morning at iFly - doing this (It's now open in Sydney for those keen to give it ago - I can't recommend it enough):
Nothing quite as grin inducing for me.

Then lunch at Shelter in the Wood, having that AMAZING chicken (this is in Singapore again, and well worth the trip to the burbs -quite sensational).

Afternoon on the water in Sydney Harbour, on a boat or lazing at Cottage Point by the pool.

Then an early night viewing at the Sydney Observatory (There is nothing so amazing, in the true sense of the word as looking at planets through the big telescope), then ditch the kids and off to Sushi-e for dinner - still my favourite restaurant of all time.
Then lastly home for some, you know, good lovin'...(eww, I know, but I'm old...I'm not going to say it without an euphemism).

I have lots of perfect days, or more appropriate perfect moments. Usually they involve an outing on Sydney Harbour (a little beach somewhere, a tinny ride etc). In Summer there are lazy days of much happiness down at Cottage Point where we organise groups of friends for a BBQ or exploring National Parks.
I do love museums and art galleries, and gain much happiness there, as long as the kids don't decide to ruin it by being little, kids?
Sneaking off to a movie when I'm meant to be doing something else, is perfection, especially if the movie is good, but sometimes if it's crap (looking at you, Bruce Willis), it's even better, because it's funny, like you're ashamed to tell people you went.
An unexpected outing to a park in the sunshine can do wonders...we have a few by the water and that really inspires the soul - it's just the laziness of routine that gets in the way.
Vivid, Hoopla, Village Bizarre, all those fun things that Sydney offers for free, just there for the enjoying, usually offer up a small window of the perfect day.

I guess for me, the perfect day is one where I see or do fun things, things of beauty, or gain great enjoyment. So really, I could have a perfect day every day if I just didn't let myself waste time, doing the dull and mundane...

Linking up with The Lounge on the perfect Mother's Day.


  1. Awesome! And laughing a little at the good lovin'

  2. I was trying to put in some good lovin in mine without knowing what to call it too! lol Love the sun and the blue water image, I think that's why a trip to Sydney always feels like a lovely time to me. Lucky you, with all that there to enjoy!

  3. I did notice your massage & bed (figured that's where you were heading). Hilarious that at this age we think it sounds weird to say out loud. I swear my kids are grown up about this stuff than I am...

  4. Sounds like you have the perfect day all sussed out !!! Good for you.
    I hope you have a great week !

  5. sounds like bliss and I am totally with you on the Bruce Willis guilty pleasure thing xx

  6. Sounds like a great day - iFly looks like so much fun!
    Your real perfect day sounded awesome!

  7. What a lovely post. I agree about the happiness in visiting art galleries and museums. One of my best days in recent months was a day out to a market followed by the National Gallery with my sister and niece. Simple, but lovely.

  8. I love the words, "the perfect day is one where I see or do fun things, things of beauty, or gain great enjoyment" true...wish we could make every day encompass those things! But like you say, I guess we could! Lovely post!

  9. Sounds amazing. Instead I will be going to Earlwood Bowling Club with the out-laws for lunch. I'm surprised that's not on your list *insert sarcasm* Hope you get to do some of this. xo

  10. That iFly thing looks amazing! I have always wanted to do that, might have to drop a few hints to Dave! We are both running 4kms for the Mother's Day Classic and then will prob have a Maccas breaky and a lazy afternoon. Maybe a bush walk somewhere would be nice (if my legs can still carry me that is!)

  11. I love those days when the simple things just make you feel awesome.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  12. iFly looks like so much fun! I love those days where you have no real expectations but they turn out to be just magical - most days that involve spending time by the sea are like that for me :-)

  13. Love days where there are no real plans then the unexpected happens.
    Thanks for the reminder about vivid, that starts very soon (like in 2 weeks I just googled it!!) I loved it last year.