Monday 5 August 2013

Riddle me this...

1. I've been to 2 fancy restaurants this month and neither offered me salt or pepper. Is this a new thing? (If so, I hate this trend. If I want to ruin food I'm paying for, let me.)

2. Why is making school lunches so joyless?

3.Why is it, when considering more children, no one says "it's all very well when they're babies, but do you realise how many lunches you'll be making in 5 years?"

4. Why do some women look so effortlessly beautiful all the time?

5. Why is it when you let passports lapse, there is the sudden opportunity for an immediate overseas trip?

6. Why do some children (mine) forget to put their shoes on? Even though it's something they should do every day and you've already reminded them 12 times in half an hour?

7.Why do you never feel old, when you get old?

8. Why is it, when things get difficult, you never hear the right words or have things go your way so you can get the strength to deal with the rest of life?*

9. Why is there always washing to be done?

10. How did I get to this age and still not have it all figured out?

Feel free to answer one or all of the above? Or add your own.

*No need for sympathy or concern - I was watching Breaking Bad and Jesse's world was unravelling and he said, after asking for 2 days to payback a loan, "Please, I really just need someone to give me a break" and it resonated strongly with me - far stronger than I think the writers of the show intended. I remembered all those times when a simple 'I love you' or just some thing going my way would have changed days of unhappiness and stress...but not forthcoming, you sink a little further into the mire of miserableness.

Need to say, I deleted the original post for today by accident, because I'm an idiot. Riddle me this, why is it, if I get a little organised, I sabotage myself?


  1. Oh there is so much in this post! It deserves a coffee and a catch up, which is a bit hard since we live in different states. I face the joyless task of school lunches right now, sometimes I have wondered, would they really die if I don't make them today? Terrible isn't it....Love 7 ~ will have me thinking about that one for most of the day x Josefa from #teamIBOT

    1. As tied winners of the Ubuntu writers festival, I'll buy you a coffee in Bali (for everyone else, that didn't really happen....but it might!!)

    2. That would be Ubud. I hate auto correct!!

    3. Ubuntu sounds pretty awesome though - I'd call that an autocorrect WIN!
      Damn… if only I'd entered… Riddle me this… WHY can't someone create some extra WRITING HOURS IN THE DAY? (That come free from guilt and don't feel like a theft?)

  2. I would love to stop and chat but it's time for me to make the bloody school lunches ... and my husband's ... and (would you believe) his work colleagues! Why do I prepare lunches for mates as well as family? Riddle me that!!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. With all due respect, that is insane!!!! I hope they buy u a big Xmas pressie - or their wives shower you with gifts or something....

  3. #1 I have no idea, I can't remember the last time I went to a fancy restaurant. #2. Because it's food you aren't going to get to eat and it probably takes up precious blogging/social media time making it. #3. Because people want you to be as miserable as they are so they keep those things a secret. #4. I can't help it! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! (sarcasm!) #5. I'm sure the govt. plans it that way to keep those astronomical passport fees coming in! #6 If you find the answer to this one, please let me know! I'd like to know why my 5 year old still needs help putting velcro shoes on!??! #7 Because age is just a number! At (almost) 35 I'm far fitter and healthier and happier than I was at 22. Age doesn't matter. #8 Because we focus on the difficult and become blinded by it. #9 Yes. WHY?! We are a family of 3 - TOTAL! Not 3 kids, just 3 of us. And there is ALWAYS washing to be done! WHY?! #10 Do we ever have it figured out? Probably when we're 80, by which time it will be too late. Hope I helped! :) he he he -Aroha

    1. #8 is a killer for me - u sum up my thought process perfectly

  4. I have asked myself the same questions Lydia! xx

    1. The human condition - eat your heart out, Malreaux

  5. LOL - I would love the answers to those as well !
    #1 - doesn't apply - we don't eat at fancy restaurants !!!!
    #2 - work lunches are just as joyless to make especially because I only make my own so I don't even get a surprise when I open my lunch box at work !!!
    #4 - why oh why am I not one of those women ?
    #5 - no opportunities, at the moment, for overseas trips for us - well technically Tasmania is over the sea but we don't need a passport for it !! (Better check expiry date on p/port just in case something exciting crops up !!!)
    #7 - even though I am only 48 some days I feel like I am about 150 !!
    #9 - we only have two of us at home now and there still always seems to be washing to be done (I'm guessing that's because K clears her floor-robe just when I have finished the washing that was in the laundry !!)
    #10 - even on the days when I feel like I am 150 I don't feel like I have it all figured out - don't worry about it - what is going to happen will happen whether you have figured it out or not !!!
    I know that there aren't 4 comments here but I've taken up just as much space as if I had commented 4 times !!
    Have the best day !
    PS - I love The Far Side !!!!!

    1. Brain was still malfunctioning this morning but at least I didn't delete your post in the process (and I gave your stats a boost)

  6. Also will steal floor-robe. Love it!!!!

  7. Oh yes I hear you on the school lunches. I only have to make it for one kid 2 days per week and 2 kids 3 days per week and I'm over it already. So hard to determine what they can have that a) they will eat and b) is kinda good for them.
    Number 11 for me is - why did someone think it would be a good idea to put sandpits in playgrounds? My house is like the beach with all the sand the kids bring home in their shoes and pockets (yep my 6 year old stores it in his pockets)

    1. Oh, yes, the sand! Why can sand keep pouring out of shoes even when said child hasn't been in sandpit for a week?

  8. Perhaps the restaurants are taking up cost cutting measures...petty but possible. *shrug*
    Lunches have been delegated swiftly in our household... Now if only we could delegate the shopping...
    As for the passport...pondering just getting a new one (after 3 years!) for that very reason...
    And shoes... Well the kids don't seem to have that problem here, they all seem to bottleneck in the doorway to ensure shoes are on! However, the other half forgets... Consistently. You can't win them all I guess. :) x

    1. Sounds like you have an organised household - delegating. I like the sound of that!

  9. Hmmm very good questions, Lydia. I have been pondering number nine myself today!!

  10. I don't know, I just don't know. I contemplate these questions often and still have no clue!

  11. #4 because they have rich husbands, or spend HOURS in the morning because they feel too self conscious to leave the house like I do, old and natural and wrinkly!
    I really loved this post - and Breaking Bad - ROCKS! Poor Jesse it just gets worse for him :(

  12. A big fat BOO to school lunches!! Why is that one little job is the thing most of us hate about the school term? And if you figure out no. 4, please share!!

  13. The BLOODY school lunch thing kills me. I have to label each item with the carbs contained within for L (for the insulin pump). Sometimes it's just too much and I resort to cheese and bacon rolls. Thrown from the freezer, with force. Jesse - YES. He's my brother from another mother. I feel his pain, yo.
    I want a do-over at catching up. That was rubbish. ;)

  14. The shoe thing still affects my brother who is 14. Mum still has to yell at him to put shoes on his feet before they go anywhere. It's crazy!

  15. 1. I’m not a big salt eater unless it’s on chips but offer me ground pepper at a restaurant every time or else!
    2. I don’t need to do this anymore – nah, nah, nah nah nah! ;-) but I did my time for a long time!
    3. Because if people told you that no-one would have them!
    4. I hate those women!
    5. Really? Maybe I should let my passport lapse so I get an opportunity to go overseas!!
    6. Short attention spans and they love seeing mum get riled up – cheeky buggars!
    7. Ok, I’m probably older than you and um ... sometimes my body reminds me that I’m getting old but my head doesn’t know it yet.
    8. When you find out can you please tell me?!
    9. It.Never.Ends.!! I find thinking back to the olden days when they had to wash everything by hand and use scrubbing boards helps!
    10.I’m older and still haven’t got it figured out either.
    ...your welcome...Min xo

  16. 1. I've been to restaurants where the need for stronger sauces were found wanting.

    2. It is important to realise that there is a point of time in the future where it is the child's responsibility and you will only be required for foreman duties. You will not like these either, but by then you are tired of fighting inevitability.

    3.I have never met these people.

    4. If I knew the answer to this, I wonder if I would still appear as dishevelled.

    5. Again, not in my sphere of understanding - I do update the passport applications on occasion though - have yet to actually apply.

    6. Mine put them on - my question is why do they think the car is their personal shoe storage area, and always leave it shoeless?

    7. Ah, again, perspective is everything. I wish I could feel younger some days - which are the days that remind me about the advisability of multi-vitamins.

    8. I am so sorry that you are not hearing the right words or seeing the right actions at the right times. *

    9. In the words of my maternal family lore - People will keep insisting on wearing clothes.

    10. Anyone who thinks that they have all the answers at any age are talking BS - don't buy it!!

    * I could go on at length here, but it may well fall into the category addressed in my final statement on Answer 10.

    Here by way of Digital Parents Blogging Festival.

  17. Maybe salt and pepper are uncool, like buffets?

    Thanks for linking up with #ArchiveLove!

  18. I can't help with any of these as I'm puzzled by the very same issues!