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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


You make me feel so young
You make me feel like spring has sprung
Every time I see you grin
I'm such a happy an individual

There is something about Spring - it really does put a spring in your step. The warmer weather signifies the winter is over and swimming is just around the corner.

In the harbour city, the water sparkles and the dining is out of doors.

The flowers come out adding colour to our day, and in the urban sprawl, green leaves hide the ugliness a little.

Australian Spring is also footy finals, which is great or painful, depending on  your standpoint; it is Halloween, we get a long weekend, and there's a race that stops a nation.

Then it's Christmas and holidays, and the long hot summer.

There is definitely something mood enhancing about Spring, and I guess part of that makes me feel young. Maybe that's really why I like it so much.

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  1. Oh I love all these...but long weekend at Halloween? I think I have missed something...The footy finals are painful for me. Oh but the rest. Spring does make you feel young all over again, gives you so many reasons to be carefree. Maybe that is why I love it so much. Thank you for linking up to #convocoffee ~ Josefa

  2. Poor phrasing, in Spring it's Halloween AND we also get a long weekend. I'm a Bomber so I can't talk finals this year :( but I did pick the right year to scoot off to the Grand Prix this September (all puns intended)

  3. I really love spring too. Does anyone not? It all happens in spring… enjoy!

  4. It makes me feel so young too, Lydia. Spring on the harbour would be magical.

  5. Yes I love Spring too. It's arrived early here in Bris-vegas. Winter? What's Winter???!

  6. I am so glad we had such a pleasant Winter. Bring on the warmer temperatures. Lovely post :)

  7. I think you have got it spot on Lydia. Spring makes me feel young, possibly because it brings up feelings I've felt ever since I was young. That anticipation of impending freedom from school, work and the house. The moment I smell the jasmine in the air I know we are on our way to summer and I love it!

  8. Love spring! Its my favourite time of year, it just feels fresh and new.. and its my baby's birthday in Spring so now theres even more to enjoy!

  9. Is it really a long weekend for Halloween? Probably not for Perth. I'm really looking forward to spring, not that we've really had that much of a winter.

    1. Alas this post was from 2013 - so no, no long weekend :(

  10. Spring and Autumn are definitely my fave times of year, I don't like the extremes of temperature that the other seasons bring x

  11. Goodbye to winter I say... Forever .. Or at least for another 9mths