Thursday 26 September 2013

I'd marry her....

I know I said I was on a break, but I just saw this and it truly astounded me - I really hate making sandwiches for the school lunch (as many of you have read), it really, really sucks the joy right out of my morning. Yet here's this woman merrily making very appetizing sandwiches for her boyfriend. No repeat of vegemite sandwich every day there, it's pulled pork or Swiss chard leftovers (I don't even know what that is but I want to eat it).

No, I'm not going to get into the whole sexist issue - Frankly I suspect she's actually a food blogger who's got a 'cute' angle for a sandwich blog (while simultaneously sending women hurtling back some thirty years or so) - but maybe it is true, and who am I to decide what's too weird for real life? Even for money, even a lot of money, I'm astounded anyone can enjoy making a sandwich.

I love my kids but I don't eagerly revel in making their lunch. I can barely be bothered to make my own sandwich most days. I would love someone to send me a Shakshuka sandwich - if she wants to move in here, I'll marry her. (She'll have to wait for after next election for it to be ratified - and probably never consummated, but you know, just putting the offer out there.)

Not linking up with anyone. Just wishing someone would make me Vietnamese Steak Banh Mi sandwich - Good thing Great Aunty 3 is up the road, and I don't even have to dangle an engagement carrot for her sensational roast pork roll...(


  1. Thought I had mastered the before-school sandwich rush by making them the night before. But then my son showed me the dry, brown avocado sandwich he had been binning. Bad Dad.

  2. The way to brighten your morning it to let them all make their own sandwiches !!! (Given I'm not so sure of their ages I don't know if this is appropriate or not !!) - when K was old enough, we got into the habit of everyone making their own lunch - worked a charm for us. I would make mine at night (I didn't have avo on them Ed !!) and marmite really doesn't do much to the bread - clingwrap them in the fridge overnight and good to go in the morning. A mostly wouldn't have anything and K lived on peanut butter or veggiemite sandwiches !
    Have the best day !

  3. I am a great sandwich maker, but my repertoire is very small. With that said, I also hate making them for my son, because he will only eat 2 fillings and it makes me feel like a failure :(
    Same goes for morning tea. Strawberries and the occasional watermelon. Come on kid, give me a break!