Monday 9 September 2013

I'm in the jetset, baby!

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on Extravagance because I was flying up to Brisbane to see a play. I have upped the ante, and next week I'll be flying to Singapore for the weekend to watch the Grand Prix! I am thrilled as it's my first GP in about ten years, but I'm also bemused at the insanity of it, to go to another country, literally for 2 nights. I've just emailed my hotel make sure they hold my room, as I'm going straight from the airport to the track, and won't be checking in until close to midnight.

Amazingly, thanks to Scoot*, the cost is less than if I went to Melbourne, and Scoots 2am departure time, allows me 3 days but only paying for 2 nights accommodation. Having trawled the net for family accommodation that we can afford for recent trips, I'd forgotten how easy it is to travel solo, not to mention how cheap. Find a room, and click. Booked. No checking how many in a room, costs of extra beds and so on.

I have been madly ebaying away to pay for this adventure, and while I didn't cover the entire cost, I did cover the airfare.

So why did I stop going to grand prixs? Cost mainly, and kids. Couldn't take the kids, and didn't feel I could justify the cost, or the time away from the kids. My question is why? Why do women, and it is predominately women who do this, cut out their interests and passions for the sake of others?

My partner continued his annual boys weekends. I just stopped my weekends away. He didn't ask me to - I did it to myself.

Last year, I went away with a girlfriend for a week. This was a HUGE deal, three years in the making. I'll admit, I struggled a bit, wishing my partner and kids could see all the wonders I was seeing. Realistically, only one of the kids even cared I was gone. And that was only for one day. So did I project the importance onto them? Or was it my need for them?

Anyway, this trip is short enough for me to just enjoy it (I think).

As the footy finals are a painful non event for me this year, I'll be cheering for a win for the Iceman, Kimmi Raikkonen, though a win for Vettel will also suffice.

At any rate, I haven't stopped smiling since this turned up last night!

Did you sacrifice some of your interests for the family? Is it wise? Does it make a difference?

Is there an interest you gave up that you want to reignite?

And the really big question, can I actually do an overseas trip with only hand luggage?

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*I'm paying, not sponsored, but thanks to their low fares.


  1. The answer to the hand luggage thing ... you may get over there with hand luggage, but you'll come back with a suitcase. Come on. You have to shop.
    Grand Prix ... how exciting!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. My answer is the same as Leanne's regarding the hand luggage question.
    I have been to a few places where the Grand Prix has been and bloody hell it is loud. Not really my thing, but hell you go for it girl.
    A flight to Singapore, doing something you love, doing something for yourself, giving yourself a break all absolutely fabulous.
    I think we should show our kids that we have our own interests and pursue them. It is a great lesson for them to learn on so many levels.

    1. I think that's true, but for some reason we (or at least I) stop following our interests...

    2. and thanks for the reminder- need to get my ear plugs!

  3. I'm so excited for you !!! I know how much you love the GP !!!
    I stopped doing things, not because I was asked to, but because I felt the Mom guilt about doing things for myself. Maybe 7 or 8 years ago I realised that when I stopped doing those things for myself, it actually made me more stressed and agitated with what the other two were doing and at work etc so made the decision to start doing stuff just for me again and it has made the world of difference - hence my ticket to ProBlogger - it's definitely a 'for me' thing !!! (even if I am as nervous as hell !!!)
    As for travelling with hand luggage - I would do it but if you are going to shop you may get caught short.
    HAVE THE BEST TIME and take care !!!!

    1. I'm looking forward to your Problogger report.
      And you're right, for me there gets a little resentment when my partner does his thing (mummymartyr), even tho he never asked me not to do my thing.

  4. I can't wait till I can go away for a weekend with my girlfriends. I think I still have to wait about 18 months before that can be a reality, once I stop breastfeeding. In the meantime I content myself with trips to the spa and dinner with girlfriends (something I haven't managed yet but soon, the spa is good enough for now!)

    #teamIBOT was here!

  5. How exciting! Like the others have said, I think you could get away with it going over but I'm not so sure on the way back.

  6. Not much of a shopper (and all money will be spent on food - cos I'm very much an eater!) so I should be safe...(unless I get race team hats-shirts, but they are super $$ so may not be possible...I have booked ifly tho, so will have a big photo of me flying to cart around...

  7. How exciting for you Lydia!
    I think as mums, we do let our interests slide a bit, and it's not such a good thing. I try to show mine that I do things for myself, because everyone deserves to have stuff to look forward to.
    Have the most fabulous time!! x

  8. Good luck on the success of your trip, fancy being a Grand Prix fan, you must love the noise! I wish I had more time to take a night course or class. The week is all filled with kid commitments, as you do. Sigh!

  9. Good on you! So glad to hear stories of mums getting back to doing and seeing what they love best!
    I think it's really important, otherwise there's a tendency to feel a little resentful about a loss of identity. Well, I can say that about me. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  10. The Grand Prix doesn't really appeal to me, but certainly hope you have a great time! As for the things I've given up, well, I've just completely let myself go. I don't go to the hairdressers anymore or shopping as much. Stuff like that. But I'm also finding I have less patience for those things as I get older so I can't totally blame my kids. Have a great trip! xo

  11. TOTES jealous of you getting away but we all deserve some family free time out - and what a buzz it will be - your adrenal glands will be working overtime Lydia :)

  12. I wouuld love to go to a Grand Prix. I would love to take my Hubby. I was going to take him to Melbourne this year but we had a baby in January!

  13. Hi. Loved reading this post. I love the GP. I had the chance to go to Monza in 1996 when I was living in Milan but sadly didn't go. Since becoming a mum I have given up the jetset life. I used to work in the airline industry but haven't boarded an aircraft in 6 years. How things change when you become a parent! Visiting your blog through the DP Carnival. Dani.